Accidentally Saluting Israel

We were at this Sunday’s Salute to Israel march and rally, but completely by accident. The nearly five year old has been learning about Van Gogh at school so we decided to take a trip to the National Gallery to see the Sunflowers.

Arriving at Trafalgar Square to see it flooded with Israeli flags with old bill and FIT everywhere was a bit of a shock. By the time we arrived the Samba Band were making some noise in a pen, although some reports suggest that they had been subjected to violent attacks by Israeli nationalists earlier in the day. Apparantly the fountains were also died red, we didn’t notice, and several Palestian flags dotted the outskirts of the Square.

Apologies to anyone who saw us and we didn’t say hello to, but I really didn’t fancy a police escort for our purely edukashional mission. In fact we managed to avoid the FIT right up until we left the Gallery. As we left they spotted us and you could almost hear the whirring of their tiny brains as they contemplated what I’d been up to with the soon to be five old and why exactly I was clutching a postcard of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Plans to get out of the general vicinity as soon as fucking possible were thwarted when the boy decided he needed the toilet. With several coppers now stalking ths steps of the Gallery the only option was to brave the mob and descend into the Square. Suspicious security kindly followed us to the toilet entrance, you could tell they were worried that suicide bombers seem to be getting even younger these days.

And whilst we were relieving ourselves then who should walk in but half the FIT team. Luckily, aside from a grunting ackowledgement of sorts from one of them, the rest ignored us. Turns out they were also there to obey the call of nature. Which was how I managed to find myself having a piss stood next to ZD 45. Did I have a sneaky peek?

… trust me there was nothing to see.

So the pic above isn’t ours but came from indymedia where the bickering, anti-semitism and rampant zionism will no doubt rage in the comments.

It’s really quite simple. The Israeli government are cunts and the occupation is a cunt’s trick. Hamas are also cunts, although they are cunts armed with shonky missile launchers rather than a full scale nuclear defence and a huge conscript army. Meanwhile Israelis and Palestians suffer everyday at the games their leaders play.

That said, until Israel ends the occupation, don’t expect anything to change, any time soon.

Meanwhile, to lighten the mood, here’s a pic that was more reflective of our day of political inactivism:


3 responses to “Accidentally Saluting Israel

  1. Wanna know what’s really simple?

    Arabs choose war and therefore Arabs suffer the consequences of their choice.

    Tough shit.


  2. no body choose the war no body want to know about the war,war is a peace of a fucking cunts,most countries wants that all Muslim will lived like a slaves.but how about Muslim wants that these people lived like a my opinion the war on any body and specially killing innocent children these killers are all mother fucking cunts.i am a Pakistani and i really love to fuck these girls who are killing all innocent people,s i love to fuck them with out any hesitated. I am a black belt,8th dan,sando khan,Kublai Huns khan,and gingiss khan,the most power full and the most dangerous martial arts in world history,by Mr Steven saigal.i am many some people love girls and fuck them hard love to lick their pussies and make sure to squeeze them very badly.

  3. my another opinion that go to the terrorist and ask them what the fuck they want if they want peace then bring them on a table and lets talk if they agree then on shooting and no killings to any innocents.discuss the matter what is their abilities if they want good living give them what ever they want,war is not a matter of to stop any body distinguish any one is the peace of fucking cunts,talk to them ask them what they are looking for good relation and good sympathy.if they agreed.

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