They’re Poisoning the Water to Make us Docile!

Yep, we’re getting conspiratastic on your asses with the news that the UK Government is intent on expanding the use of fluoridation of the water supply. The ever handy schnews this week reports that Health Secretary Alan Johnson has made it clear that he is keen to have fluoride added to the whole UK water supply as soon as possible.

Now looking into the risks of water fluoridation is a bit like researching little green men. Many of the websites out there getting hot and bothered about this are also concerned the the Government is reading our minds through the television and beaming our private thoughts straight back to the Draconis Constellation in preparation for the upcoming invasion.

Which our illuminati friends tell us is a load of bollocks.

And whilst at least two studies have shown that fluoride consumption has a correlation with low IQ, what is known for sure is that water fluoridation appears to have no effect on rates of tooth decay compared to areas where this practice is not carried out. This is the reason almost all other European countries have dropped the practice.

Fluoridation does however provide a handy source of disposal of fluoride which is a by-product of several industrial processes and would usually be regarded as toxic waste.

Then there’s the little question of civil liberties, not something UK PLC takes particularly seriously although more level headed folk question whether compulsory medication is actually acceptable in a free country (stop giggling at the back).

What’s of far more relevance to most people is the rising prices of this essential service. the void has heard of at least two people on benefits paying a whopping 7 quid a week for water and regularly receiving frightening and harassing letters from arch-cunts Thames Water threatening them with all manner of cruel and unusual punishment should they be unable to pay.

Now to many well heeled internet users (we know you’ve all got fucking jobs in the media) then that may not seem too much of a big deal. But to those on benefit or bringing up kids on a low incomes (ie most of us) it’s a very fucking big deal indeed. With single persons benefit standing at a poxy £60 a week then that represents over 10% of their weekly income.

With the blood sucking gas and energy companies taking an ever increasing percentage of that it leaves precious little for that other vital resource, namely food.

There is some good news in all this. Firstly, whilst they may, and in some cases still do, threaten to cut off your water supply this was made illegal in 1999. This doesn’t mean they can’t pursue you through the courts, and sometimes will, but it can certainly keep the wolves from the door for a while, until you manage to make an agreement of paying them back tuppence a week plus the shirt off your back.

So if you move regularly then you can get away without paying water changes for years*. The other piece of goodish news is that water bills can be queried through the water ombudsman who’s website can be found here.

Back to poisoning the water supply, several local groups have already been set up to fight just that. One of them can be found at:

*void disclaimer, whilst we may be a bunch of crooks we have never claimed to be financial advisors. If you’re being harassed by water companies then maybe, if you can find them, Citizen’s Advice are usually pretty good on debt issues.


One response to “They’re Poisoning the Water to Make us Docile!

  1. way back when i was at school i remember a teacher telling us about water fluoridation in N. America any way he told us that it was the reason that americans had big teeth, well it was the 70’s, funny really i’ve never really questioned it. Thinking about it now though i’ve never met an american with inordinately large gnashers, well there is Condoleza Rice, she looks like a horse, never met her though, one of the un-dead by all accounts.

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