Talking about cannabis … are they over?

All seems to have gone quiet over at which can only be a good thing.

The last update was almost a month ago when Debra was crowing about the proposed reclassification and threatening to set up treatment centres for kids who like a toke.  Why anyone would send their kid to a treatment centre run by a mad old harridan who thinks crystals will save the planet and has no clinical or therapeutic credentials is beyond us.  So if they go ahead then we’ll be there to help close ’em down.

What’s more worrying is the fact that a woman who thinks crystals will save the planet seems to have more influence on the government’s drug policy than a team of scientists.

Our faithful but clunky google news alert hasn’t picked up any sign of Debra’s inane ranting in the right wing press for weeks now, so here’s hoping that Debra is officially yesterday’s news and this whole sorry saga can come to an end.

In fact Debs we’ll make a deal … if you stop talking about cannabis then we’ll stop ripping the piss out of you.  And you can take that daft website down as well – it’s over Debra, deal with it.

Carry on and we won’t rest until your entire organisation comes crashing down and you are finally exposed to the public ridicule and humiliation you so deeply deserve.

So folks, thanks for all the tip offs but lets leave them to die in peace.

As for Europe Against Drugs (EURAD).

We’re coming for ya!


4 responses to “Talking about cannabis … are they over?

  1. Decline and Fall

    I am a bit worried, well more than a bit worried, about a slightly gloating attitude having driven this Deborah woman off line because of her views on canabis, and apparently crystals. Personally I have no views one way or another on either crystals or canabis, but I do have a view about free speech and how some people are entitled to be more free than others. Let this woman have her platform if she wants it, no one takes any notice any way, so whats all this fussing about. Unless you have some sort of agenda to push that is, that you are not telling us about? The effect of your attacks seems to have drawn out that horrible monster, the freedom to attack “legitimate objects of hate”. You start off allowing people to hate Deborah, or her crystals and soon you are hating all sorts of other things, like people who are not quite like you. Come on, give free speech a chance, don’t try and drown it in a torrent of disapproval or you’ll end up sounding like your Dad!

    Decline and Fall

  2. Hi There,
    Sorry for taking so long to reply to your post but only just found it.
    I am Margaret Cutmore and this site was origionally set up FOR Cannibis but due to lack of time havent been able to set up and get running. If you have any questions you know where to contact me!

  3. Decline, I’m not convinced she has disappeared from sight completely yet, although I live in hope.

    If you’ve been following the saga you’ll see that Debra lies continuosly about cannabis and has been active in campaign to criminalise millions of people.

    Yes, she has the right to say what she likes and we have the right to rip the piss out of her, if she can’t take it and has given up then I’d suggest she wasn’t cut out for politics.

    Margaret thanks for the info and we’ve featured you elsewhere, the piece above is directed at, the prohibitionist site run by Debra Bell.

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