Last Orders on the Underground!

Well it’s a shame that they didn’t have the guts to organise this when the tube booze ban was actually in force but we’ll give it a plug anyway.

Not that they need it with almost 7000 people thinking of attending on this facebook site already.

So for the last chance to have a legal piss up on the tube meet at Liverpool Street Station this Saturday at 9pm (clockwise, rear of train).

The interesting thing about this event is the general chinless wonderlessness of some of the organisers who are quick to stress it’s not a protest.  It’s all very jolly and middle class which leads us to wonder how many of them were in fact Boris voters.

Some seem to have been suckered in Boris’ faux libertarian stance, but the Tories don’t do libertarianism, not really.

Unless of course it’s the liberty of the bosses to fuck over and exploit the working class.


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