Government Tries to Hide Free Heroin!

The Government is insisting that the location of 26 sites in Hampshire used to grow opium poppies are to stay secret.

This follows a Freedom of Information (FOI) request from local newspaper, the Daily Echo which has revealed that leafy Hampshire is the heroin growing capital of the UK.

The poppies are used to produce morphine to sustain the high levels of drug abuse morphine use as a pain killer within the NHS.

The poppy fields should be easy enough to spot, drop us a line if you see one.

We wouldn’t mind seeing an FOI request on how many of the poppies ‘go missing’ between the field and the medicine cabinet.

It’s a rarely known fact that all poppies contain opium including the distinctive bright red, wild poppies that grow in the UK. Although they aren’t as strong as their Eastern cousin, the opium poppy, they can still be used to make a refreshing if vile tasting opium tea (google opium tea recipe)*.

It’s also little known that it is entirely legal to grow opium poppies in the UK for ornamental use, something encouraged by the government.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sports funded Plant Cultures website states:

“Opium poppies grow well in the British climate – why not try it?”

Which is the closest you’re likely to hear a government ministry supporting Brown at the moment.

*Disclaimer: the void accepts no responsibility for anything.

4 responses to “Government Tries to Hide Free Heroin!

  1. how and where to get opium poppie seeds?When ive seen poppies growing in my garden,the purple coloured ones ive tried slitting them like they do in afghanistan two weeks after the petals have fallen off but no white sap comes out.can you advise me on email is.

  2. i do not have a website just an email.thankyou.I would like to subscibe to this post.

  3. please if you could notify me on how to extact opium from poppies found in london.Or do opium poppie seeds need to be obtained first?

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