Blogger Fined for Insulting Cop!

Gavin Brent from Holywell, Flintshire was fined £150 this weekfor posting a message on his blog about copper D.C. Lloyd which was deemed to be menacing and obscene.

The full details of the blog posting have not been revealed although the magistrate claimed that the piece was articulate, detailed, specific and critical of the police and the CPS.

In other words probably quite accurate.

However the blog was signed off with the message: “P.S. – D.C. Lloyd, God help your new-born baby”.

Brent was narked after D.C. Lloyd failed to be present when he was charged (over unconnected matters) because his wife was giving birth. Lloyd had been involved in interviewing him previously over allegations of theft.

On later reading the blog post, sensitive flower Lloyd had Brent arrested at his home and he was subsequently charged under the Telecommunications Act of posting a menacing message.

Brent denies the message was intended to be threatening and claimed he thought he had freedom of speech … some hope.  On being arrested he apologised, offered to remove the offending message and said he would write a letter of apology.

This wasn’t enough for the malicious boys in blue who proceeded with a prosecution.

For the benefit of DC Lloyd we’d like to offer a clarification of what Gavin Brent may have meant.

P.S. – D.C. Lloyd, God help your new-born baby …

if they have to grow up with a cunt like you as a father.

This is not the first time that a blogger has been hit with legal action.

Cyber ASBOs Could Silence Bloggers


2 responses to “Blogger Fined for Insulting Cop!

  1. That was exactly my interpretation of the line, as it’s a standard angry person’s rubbish insult, although it usually refers to the person’s children in general. The magistrates seem to feel that “any reasonable person” would interpret it as a threat – clearly we’re not reasonable people!

  2. Cyber Cops… eh?

    Surely no match for the mite of the Borg Collective

    Hey and Happy May Day everyone.. All Power to the Workers, All Power to the Unemployed, All power to the Disenfranchised, All Power to the people on the street, to my neighbours, to my local shop, to my freinds, family and lovers, All Power to the Us!

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