Who’s this Talking About Cannabis?

With holocaust deniying numpties a recent distraction at the void we’d all but forgotten about Debra Bell and her crazy gang of cranks.  But doing a quick google search yesterday we noticed a new site had popped up who also claim to be Talking About Cannabis.

talkingaboutcannabis.co.uk appears to be a new meessage board , although it currently appears to be a little short of messages.  A quick whois tells us the forum is owned by one Margaret Cutmore which doesn’t tell us very much at all.

So we’ve got one question to them, whose side you on?


One response to “Who’s this Talking About Cannabis?

  1. Dont know if you guys got my first message. I am Margaret Cutmore and http://www.talkingaboutcannabis.co.uk was FOR Cannabis. I bought the website name then havent found the time to get up and running. Any post’s will be welcome.


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