David Icke – Was he Pissed?

David Icke rants about the void:

“As a result of being sent this story, I came across this ‘blog’ or whatever it is. I post it because it encapsulates the bile, hatred and puerile nature of so many on the ‘Left’ who claim to be ‘anti-system’ when the system is in complete control of what they bravely call their ‘minds’.

Note that those questioning the official story of 9/11 are a ‘bunch of lunatics’. You see, to the Ludicrous ‘Left’, the Far-Right Bush and Blair have lied about everything except the official story of 9/11. And they think they’re ‘radicals’, bless ’em.

Needless to say, the ‘David Icke’ posting is not me, but since when did facts and truth ever trouble these self-obsessed system-servers and system-groupies?

And a few people can’t control the world? It’s a doddle.”


He’s been on the sauce again.


9 responses to “David Icke – Was he Pissed?

  1. I don’t visit Icke or any conspiracy sites. But there most definitely is a controlling elite. And I’m stone-cold sober, komrade. Unfortunately.

  2. and who might this controlling elite be

  3. That’s why I left the link.

  4. ah I see, a cabal of international bankers

  5. thanks ajit, always glad to have your comments, just find spamming your email address a bit weird

    it’s capitalism that’s fucking up the planet, not some sinister group of bankers, reptiles or illuminati

  6. It must be the stress of being constantly harassed by Jews all the time that drives him to it …

  7. kieth thompson

    So the man enjoys beer, so what? That’s his business.

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