WordPress Sold to Murdoch!

In a shocking move for all wordpress bloggers it was revealed late yesterday that wordpress.com has been sold to Newscorp in a deal worth around 125 million dollars.

Automattic, who own wordpress said:

“We would like to thank all the bloggers out there who made wordpress the success story it is today. We have every assurance that Newscorp will continue to maintain the high standard of service wordpress users have come to expect and wish them well in this new venture.”

WordPress supremo Toni Schneider left Oddpost when they were taken over by yahoo in 2005 and was unavailable for comment last night.

Newscorp have bought the entire Automattic company which also provide the wordpress open source blogging software and Akismet anti-spam protection.

It is believed by some insiders that the entire wordpress management team may be laid off and that eventually the wordpress platform will be merged into myspace.

A Newscorp source told Wired magazine that they were hoping to move myspace upmarket in an attempt to rival facebook.

It is believed that Newscorp will roll out mandatory advertising on all wordpress blogs.

Many wordpress bloggers (including this one) are already considering boycotting the site in future and are looking for a new platform.


7 responses to “WordPress Sold to Murdoch!

  1. When the ads come, I go.

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  3. Terrible news. I love WP. I hate RM and Newscorp.

  4. check the date

  5. ok it took a while, but it’s just sunk in

  6. tee hee

    Good one, Johnny. Unfortunately my site went down just at the right moment, or there might have been more Murdoch detractors filling this column.

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