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A message to London voters

Don’t do it you’ll just encourage them.

Come to this instead.

However we’ll do our bit for civic responsibilty. Environmental charities paid some bloggers to publish the ad below, but not us – bastards.

But in the spirit of democracy we’ll (re)post it anyway.


Blogger Fined for Insulting Cop!

Gavin Brent from Holywell, Flintshire was fined £150 this weekfor posting a message on his blog about copper D.C. Lloyd which was deemed to be menacing and obscene.

The full details of the blog posting have not been revealed although the magistrate claimed that the piece was articulate, detailed, specific and critical of the police and the CPS.

In other words probably quite accurate.

However the blog was signed off with the message: “P.S. – D.C. Lloyd, God help your new-born baby”.

Brent was narked after D.C. Lloyd failed to be present when he was charged (over unconnected matters) because his wife was giving birth. Lloyd had been involved in interviewing him previously over allegations of theft.

On later reading the blog post, sensitive flower Lloyd had Brent arrested at his home and he was subsequently charged under the Telecommunications Act of posting a menacing message.

Brent denies the message was intended to be threatening and claimed he thought he had freedom of speech … some hope.  On being arrested he apologised, offered to remove the offending message and said he would write a letter of apology.

This wasn’t enough for the malicious boys in blue who proceeded with a prosecution.

For the benefit of DC Lloyd we’d like to offer a clarification of what Gavin Brent may have meant.

P.S. – D.C. Lloyd, God help your new-born baby …

if they have to grow up with a cunt like you as a father.

This is not the first time that a blogger has been hit with legal action.

Cyber ASBOs Could Silence Bloggers

So long and thanks for all the trips

Albert Hofmann RIP

January 11, 1906 – April 29, 2008

The discoverer of LSD Albert Hofmann died yesterday of a heart attack at his home in Basel, switzerland at the age of 102.

New Porn Law Could Criminalise Millions

In a week in which Brown plans on turning millions of cannabis users back into criminals it’s no surprise to hear that up to 2 million people could be criminalised by a new bill expected to be brought into law next week.

The new bill outlawing the possession of “extreme pornography” will carry a possible prison sentence of up to three years as well as leading to the perpetrator being placed on the Sexual Offender’s Register.

UK fetish contact sites have already warned that they may have to remove photos of people who have partaken in entirely legal and consensual acts from their profiles. A last minute campaign to lobby the House of Lords is being pursued by Backlash amongst others.

It is unclear as to the scope of this new bill, presumably leaving it for the courts and the CPS to sort out once it becomes law. The wording of the bill says that violent porn means:

(a) an act which threatens a person’s life,
(b) an act which results, or is likely to result, in serious injury to a person’s anus, breasts or genitals,
(c) an act which involves sexual interference with a human corpse, or
(d) a person performing an act of intercourse or oral sex with an animal (whether dead or alive),

Zombies are said to be spitting blood at this breach of their civil rights.

Now Brown Talks Bollocks About Cannabis

Two things recently have highlighted Gordon’s Brown gross stupidity and instinctive contempt for the working class. The fact that Brown appears to be backtracking on the 10p tax band does nothing to lessen the impact of this savage attack on the people who have least from a supposed socialist.

It was Brown who introduced this tax in his budget and claimed that nobody would be worse off. This was as clear a lie as has ever been told by a politician and reveals the breathtaking arrogance of a Chancellor who believes that the proles can’t add up.

Although we are prepared to entertain the possibility that it’s Gordon Brown who can’t add up.

And now it seems that Brown is to reject his own scientist’s advice and instead mollify the Daily Mail reading god-bothering puritans like Debra Bell and school teacher Mary Brett.

Brown claimed on GMTV this morning:

“I think people know my view about cannabis and particularly about this lethal version of it, skunk.”

In case Brown doesn’t know how to use a dictionary then let us help:

able to cause or causing death; extremely dangerous:

So despite all the evidence from the ACMD, despite the facts there has never been a death where cannabis has been credibly ruled to be the primary factor and despite the fact that millions of people the world over use cannabis without ever suffering any form of harm Brown makes the bizarre claim that cannabis is a killer.

This is Brown attempting to do something, to show he’s a strong man and distance himself from Blair.

Fuck the fact that cannabis use has fallen since reclassification, fuck the fact that people with genuine problems with cannabis are less likely to seek help knowing they may be locked up for their trouble, fuck that the last thing people with mental health problems need is to be sucked into the criminal justice system.

Fuck all that, fuck the people and let Brown wave his big dick about in the hope of taking the shambles that is the economy off the front pages.

Mental Health charities such as Addaction and SANE along with Professor Robin Murray should also hang their heads in shame at this attack on the very people they are supposed to represent. Yesterday Murray spoke at the All Parliametary Group on Children and Cannabis of which the Secretariat is the pressure group Talking About Cannabis chaired by Debra Bell.

That Murray should align himself with a woman who thinks crystals will save the world and insists her son has mental health problems despite all medical evidence to the contrary must surely reflect on Murray’s academic credentials.

Murray recently claimed that reclassification is not the issue and that it was ludicrous to suggest that smoking just one spliff will lead to irreversible psychotic breakdown.

However he appears to endorse a group who claim exactly that, just as he has previously shared a platform with Scientology loons the National Drugs Prevention Alliance.

As for drug user’s charity Addaction, well we and others have written to them and called them and they still seem to be reluctant to make a statement as to whether they support the reclassification of cannabis and why a harm minimisation orgainsation has leant their support to a group campaigning against exactly that.

The end result of this is that people with mental health problems will be further marginalised and less able to be honest with those allegedly supporting them over their drug use.

And once again we face the spectre of thousands of young people gaining criminal records for having the odd spliff.

Make no mistake this is a class issue. Middle class drug use is routinely ignored. Former coke using posh boys like Cameron and Boris Johnson sweep their drug use under the carpets with vague platitudes that they won’t discuss their personal lives.

In the meantime thousands of working class kids will once again be discussing their personal lives in the Magistrates Court.

With the real killer being contaminated cannabis (including some which has been found to be bulked out with lead) Brown could have seized this opportunity to adopt a more progressive policy towards cannabis and drugs in general.

But no chance of that, Brown is just too cowardly. So instead we have the same old ultra-reactionary failed policy in the hope of gaining a handful of votes from nutjob Daily Express readers.

With the smoking ban, the clampdown on so-called ‘binge drinking’ and now the strengthening of the cannabis laws it seems that this government has objections to anyone having a good time that doesn’t involve a small glass of Chablis and sun dried tomatoes.

The Roman’s used to keep the people in line with bread and circuses. In Brown’s Britain no-one can afford the bread and the circus has been banned.

You can kill the spirit

Early reports from the Love Music Hate Racism festival today reveal a dour spectacle populated by middle class teenagers and a world apart from the Rock Against Racism carnival it was attempting to celebrate.

The no alcohol dictat left most people sat outside the event with the only booze inside being poxy bottles of Carling at three quid a pop. Typical of an SWP dominated event to ensure that those with the least cannot partake. Still at least Carling made a buck or too.

Meanwhile on the outskirts it was a case of love music, prefer racism as far as the Met were concerned with young black men being routinely stopped and searched throughout the day.

That’s probably not likely to concern the self-congratulatory trots who were massaging their egos from the main stage most of the day.

This event got no end of hits from the free festy listings on this very blog. We won’t be promoting their events again.

Woke up this morning, got myself a gun

A BNP candidate in Barnsley was arrested this week after appearing to brandish a gun at reporters who had turned up to ask him about his previous convictions.

Simon Goodricke, a former Detective Constable was being asked about his conviction for dishonestly obtaining money after he tricked an 80 year old woman out of £1000. Goodricke also has a conviction for perverting the course of justice for which he spent 18 months banged up.

In the London mayoral elections our mantra is neither crook, nor toff, nor copper nor nazi.

Up North the BNP appear to be offering a three in one deal.

BNP man arrested in ‘gun’ drama