Ban Clothes!

UPDATE:  Fuck off nonces, we know which search string you used to get here you sad old fucks.

An archive picture of the Sunday Express team before the country was destroyed by immigrants, chavs and single mothers (the negro pictured was a gift from our colleagues at the Mail)

the void calls on all decent, law abiding, hard working, honest, upstanding, God-fearing, anglo-saxon, tax paying, frightened and concerned citizens of England to support us in our bid to rid the streets of these unnecessary and intimidating pieces of fabric.

People have a right to go about their daily business without living in fear from feral hooligans, blacks and gypseys who use clothing to conceal their criminal intent.

Clothing can be used to conceal WEAPONS, to hide DRUGS or even as a diguise for TERRORISTS.

All TERRORIST attacks are believed to have involved people wearing clothes and latest crime figures suggest that almost all crimes are carried out by people wearing these disgusting rags.

Some clothes are made purely for the intention of carrying drugs or committing crimes. Pockets are deliberately sewn into the cloth by communist Chinese manufacturers so that delinquent youths can use them to conceal all manner of criminal items.

Foreigners deliberately wear clothes that are unusual and frightening in an effort to make elderly people afraid to walk the streets at night.

Young thugs have T-shirts with slogans on them such as “I’m going to rape a granny’ or ‘Selling crack makes me cum’.

Streetwalkers and commen prostitutes use clothes to entice hardworking businessmen into their sordid lives where they rape them and then take their money.

Meanwhile children, if you can call them that, use clothes to cover sensitive areas in order to protect them from the flogging and thrashings that every young person needs.

Clothing can easily be obtained via a variety of sordid websites which every young person knows how to access. Illegally downloaded clothes are used in crimes as they can simply be deleted from the criminals iPod after carrying out sickening acts of barbarity.

Hitler wore clothes and so does Osama bin Laden.

the void pleads with you to join us to end the menace of clothes and bring order back to the streets of this once great nation.

and talking of disgusting rags

Ban the hood for good


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