Are Talking About Cannabis Telling More Porkies?

Talking About Cannabis (TAC) have already been caught out fibbing about being a charity when they were no such thing.

It now seems that Debra and co’s list of ‘advisors’ needs to be called to account.

On TAC’s website they claim that in May 2007:

“A new education and campaigning group, linked to this web-site, was launched by parents concerned that government promises to tackle the health risks of cannabis have failed to materialise, leaving their children vulnerable to its harmful effects.

It is chaired by myself, Debra Bell, the founder of the site The group is backed by mental health charities, teachers and experts on drug misuse.”

They then claim that TAC “are supported by the following advisors:”, after which follows a list of names we’ve published before which ends with one Tory MP, Tim Loughton.

Loughton was one of four Tories MPs on their list and we e-mailed them all outlining our criticisms of the group (I know but we kept our fingers crossed and had a hot shower afterwards).

So far only Loughton has replied saying:

“I am not an adviser I am a sponsoring MP for this newly formed Parliamentary group. Your comments are noted”

By the Parliamentary group Loughton is presumably referring to the All Parliamentary Group on Children and Cannabis, which is a seperate group to the one organised by Debra Bell.

The group formed by Debra Bell appears to be called ‘TALKING ABOUT CANNABIS ACTION GROUP – CHILDREN AND TEENAGERS’ (the caps are theirs, always a sign of a fine intellect at work).

This group is to act as the Secretariat to the all-party group but appears to be a distinct entity which is currently soliciting for funds.

So is our Debs fibbing again or has a senile old tory forgotten which groups he agreed to be an advisor to?


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