This is what democracy looks like …

Watch the NYPD attempt to give Chinese state goons a run for their money after wading into this pro-Tibet rally and threatening to kill then beating protesters.

Meanwhile Bone’s beaten us to publishing the full route of the Olympic Torch through London on April 6th.


3 responses to “This is what democracy looks like …

  1. Amazing. I can only see this sort of thing happening more and more in the next few months…

  2. Look Behind You!

    I’m a big fan of this blog and have sent links to it everywhere; my confusion at the moment is more general and from a person who has had Buddha in his mind since about the age of nine.
    I don’t want to defend the state capitalist ‘communists’ , but I also can’t get my head around why anarchists would want the return of a theocratic serfdom, parasitic monks, forced marriages, boys buried alive under new buildings and temples, feudalism, and all that goes with Lamaism. The ex-ruling class in Tibet lost their revolt because ordinary Tibetans sided with the Chinese. You are being led our by ruling class and media to support the CIA funded millionaire Lama Theocrats. Your rebelliousness it being ‘tweaked’ by your own class enemies. Good luck new reactionary recruits! x

  3. just because someone’s against one thing does not automatically make them in favour of another

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