Talking About Cannabis – The Scientology Link

We’ve already pointed out that Talking About Cannabis (TAC) link to Scientology front organisation Narconon on their shambolic website.

For those not keeping up Narconon are a dodgy drugs rehab programme currently attempting to establish credibility by bribing the government.

These numpties are stock in trade for our Debra, founder of TAC spewing yet more unscientific nonsense claiming to be THE TRUTH.

It seems however that those crazy thetans might be cosying up to Debra in more ways than one.

Step forward one David Raynes, a paranoid and slightly delusional misfit who is an executive member of the National Drugs Prevention Alliance.

Raynes is an ‘official’ advisor to TAC and his recent diatribe at the ACMD review is published on TAC’s website (linked from the front page no less).

David Raynes is also an ‘Advisory Board Member’ for the Foundation for a Drug Free Europe.

And Foundation for a Drug Free Europe are … you guessed it, a bunch of crazy thetans (aka yet another Scientology front).

Raynes has repeatedly refused to condemn the Narconon programme and his mate Peter Stoker, Director of the NPDA, also an Advisory Board member and another ‘official’ advisor to TAC, went one step further saying:

“there is an absolute need for someone to speak and act and say there is a ‘better way’. The Foundation has accepted this challenge and represents an exciting potential: a potential which absolutely must be realized.”

Raynes was a former Custom’s and Excise officer who fucked up a ganja bust big time and has been chasing round potheads ever since.

The case, in which a High Court Judge accused the customs officer’s of “a catalogue of flawed proceedings, illegality and incompetence at a number of levels”, can be read about here.

Raynes retired shorly afterwards.

That hasn’t stopped his crafty undercover sleuthing however.

The following is Raynes boasting on usenet about how he secretly taped Danny Kushlick, head of drug reform organisation Transform, after giving him a lift to a conference in 2001:

“Well Danny(rather stupidly perhaps ! ) travelled from Middlesborough to Bristol in my car- with his pal, who is sharper than him but who fell asleep. I have everything Danny and his pal said on tape. Just amazing, the guy just cannot shut up. You can do more than piss take on *one*occasion. I have some amazing quotes to drip feed you all. He noweth notwith what he deals. The first rule of engagement is understand your enemy.

I have Danny screwed up tight. Not that he is a real enemy I found him amazingly frank and good company. He invited me in “for a blow”, I declined. He is a nice guy but sadly misguided. ” more

Nice guy.

What’s truly concerning is that this bunch of pseudo-scientific loons have attracted the support of journos from the Times and the Independant, major national charities such as Addaction and SANE and so far four Tory MP’s.

Here’s the full list of of those who who support Debra and co:

Anthony Seldon, Master Wellington College
Marjorie Wallace, Sane
Deborah Cameron, Addaction
Richard McKendrick, Addaction
Mary Brett, UK Spokesperson for EURAD
Peter Stoker, National Drug Prevention Alliance
Jonathan Owen, Independent on Sunday
Sian Griffiths, Sunday Times
Christopher Chope MP
David Raynes, NDPA
The Maranatha Organisation
Dr Ian Oliver
Dr Hans-Christian Raabe
Camila Batmanghelidjh
Peter Walker, schools drugs testing expert
Marilyn Shaw, Luke and Marcus Trust
Graham Brady MP
Baroness Anelay of St Johns
Edward Garnier MP
Tim Loughton MP

Curiously drug treatment organisation Addaction have condemned Narconon claiming it is not ‘scietifically sound’ which has to beg the question of what they’re doing supporting Debra and her gang of quacks.

Addaction’s press office can be contacted at


14 responses to “Talking About Cannabis – The Scientology Link

  1. “Shambolic”.


    “paranoid and slightly delusional misfit”.

    “a bunch of crazy thetan loonspuds”.

    “nutty bunch of pseudo-scientific loons”.

    “empty headed puritans”.

    Such excessive invective and wrath is a sure sign of a very insecure individual who is comforted by the defense mechanism of name-calling. Not surprisingly, blogs are the main playground of such masturbatory displays, even when posing as some sort of misguided attempt at investigative journalism.

    There may indeed be a news story here, but you do it a great disservice by sounding way too pleased with your ability to hurl sarcasm and insults. Grow up.

  2. yeah well stick to the daily telegraph then

    ya posh cunt

  3. : Such excessive invective and wrath is
    : a sure sign of a very insecure individual

    Actually everything described in the article is 100% accurate and well informed — unless you would care to point to anything the author was “sadly mistaken” about? Anything? No?

    Well then, FLUNK for non confront. Start over.

    The fact is that Scientology’s quack medical fraud they call “NarCONon” is unworkable, dangerous, and does not work. The insane Scientology crooks have been spewing insane miracle success rates that they can not back up with any evidence what so ever. The only legitimate scientific investigation in to Scientology’s insane quack medical fraud “NarCONon” “Purification Rundown” yielded success rates LESS than the well known placebo effect.

    That’s right, people who did nothing to stop taking illegal narcotics did better than people who stupidly subjected themselves to Scientology’s insane quack medical scam — Something like 6% to the placebo’s typical 11%.

    The truth is out there on the Internet, that’s why the insane crooks have to hide their actual identity behind an endless array of fake names, fake groups, fake organizations. I mean these insane criminals tried to sneak in to Bowden, Georgia under a flurry of fake names but the ARSCC and a local newspaper exposed them, prompting what almost turned in to a public lynching when the truth about Scientology and who they actually were came out down in Bowden.

    For myself, I don’t take illegal narcotics or, in fact, I don’t use anything stronger than asperin. No morality for my non-use, it’s just that I’ve always wanted to retain full control over my own brain. I have never smoked pot, never been drunk, never taken anything proscribed. I like my brain the way it is.

    But I can see the truth of the matter as well as anybody else can: Some substances don’t cause harm to its users, and pot appears to me to be one of the better scientifically dosumented substances that shows no long lasting harm — either to society or to users. It’s not for me — I don’t even drink alcohol, I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat eggs, milk, or cheese — but I can still recognize a harmless substance when science speaks.

    Scientology is, in my opinion, organized crime; a criminal enterprise which rooks, swindles, engages in RICO predicate acts, domestic espionage against nations, money laungering, blackmail, extortion, murder, kidnapping, and everything else that court documents around the world tend to show Scientology to be.

    Their quack medical fraud their insane drug addled madman L. Ron Hubbard dreamed up while doped to the gills on “pinks and reds,” as he called his perfered dope of choice, is probably one of Scientology’s worse human rights abuses in their suit of crimes.

    These are all my own opinions and only my opinions. Actual facts may be otherwise.

    In any event, check out for details about what Scientology is.

  4. thanks Fred

    you must be high on life 🙂

  5. Jean-Michel – You identify a feature of blogs, it’s one that’s been noted before many times before. It doesn’t seem to stop you reading them though does it!

    However, you do agree that:

    There may indeed be a news story here

    and I would argue that’s the important bit. It’s a story your respected writers have not only failed to dig up over the past 10 years or so but have been only to happy to carry the poison mis information put about by the NDPA.

    “Respectable” news outlets would seem to be not only guilty of omission, which is bad enough, but also of collusion.

    Don’t shoot the messenger in other words.

    Keep digging Void.

  6. I used to discuss drugs policy extensively on Usenet with David Raynes. Search for author:Claude in uk.politics.drugs in Google Groups.

    I found him quite agreeable when discussing things we had in common, mainly drinking real ale. I don’t think he realised the hypocrisy in that. When discussing cannabis (which I smoked occasionally from 1972 to 2001, when I got asthma) he became very aggressive.

    On 08/11/2005 said that he had been watching me since 1991, when I used to post in the drugs conference on CiX (a bulletin board system). He was a senior customs officer investigating drugs at that time.

    “It does, I remember you, well I should, I have watched you with interest
    for 14 years or so! Lurking until I retired. There is little activity
    there unless I join in and prod them slightly for sport. The mod objected
    to me calling pot-heads pot heads. Apparently one can call alcoholics
    “drunks” but “pot-heads” is not part of appropriate language for perfectly
    respectably stoned people.
    I could, pull up your old messages-but I won’t-cruel. Sleeping dogs. ”

  7. Decline and Fall

    yet more allegations of abuse bouncing around on this site, albeit verbal abuse (mostly,) this time, of people with whom your reader/writers disagree. Since there is so much of it around can I bounce one back to the vegetarian/vegan who thinks his views have extra value because of his chosen diet? At least that is, I presume, why he chose to mention it? When people annouce to me that “I am a vegetarian”, I am tempted to respond, “So was Hitler.” I think this chap should eat what he likes, (canabalism apart perhaps) but since I am not being asked to feed him it is irelevant to me as a reader what he eats, though I do hope he gets sufficient for his needs.

    Decline and Fall

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  12. I have just found this. discussion. I had the misfortune to know Raynes. His claims about what he did in Pakistan are simply lies He was there to do a number on a completley innocent officer. He failed but the outcome cost another innocent officer his life and led to the sorry state that HM Customs fell into, being broken up to staff the useless SOCA and the even more useless UKBA. He is responsible for many tragedies. He is an egotist who really knows very little most of his HMCE career was investigating nthe Common Agricultural policy

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