Stop the BNP Festival!

Last year supporters of the BNP met in Derbyshire for their annual RWB (Red, White and Blue) festival which included such family entertainment as watching a BNP councillor glass one of the event organisers.

Here’s a brief review of a former BNP festival courtesy of Searchlight:

“A drunken (Luke) Smith was revelling in the attention he was getting. “Do you know who I am?” he shouted at one BNP supporter who asked him to keep his voice down. “I’m a councillor, you know”.

Security eventually moved in. Martin Reynolds, the Leeds BNP organiser, and part of the security team, moved in to usher Smith away. An argument broke out as Smith refused to go. Words were exchanged and Reynolds hit Smith’s friend in the face, instantly splitting the man’s nose and drawing blood.

Everyone in the beer tent turned to watch the show.

Smith’s friends rose to give him their support. Other stewards came in and a bigger fight broke out. Three or four Burnley hooligans went for Reynolds. He was forced down and that’s when Smith lifted his Stella bottle. In one swift move he brought it crashing down into Reynolds’ left eye, instantly opening up a nasty gash.

Another Burnley hooligan was less successful. He was on the receiving end of a three punch combination by Leeds hooligan Tony McDonnell and was knocked unconscious.

Reynolds was eventually taken to Leeds Royal Infirmary where he received seven stitches for his cut.”

Former BNP Councillor, Alan Warner, who hosted the event, has said that the festival will be back in Derbyshire again this year.

Anti-fascists from acroos the UK have vowed to stop them.

Former BNP Councillor, Alan Warner, who hosted the event, has said that the festival will be back in Derbyshire again this year.


6 responses to “Stop the BNP Festival!

  1. Your quote is about the 2003 RWB. Last year’s RWB big fight was between Andrew Spence, the former leader of the fuel protests who did fairly well as a BNP candidate in the Sedgefield by-election last July, and Mark Collett, Nick Griffin’s unpopular protégé.

  2. you’re absolutely right, its hard to keep up

  3. There is a reason why the RWB festival has been left alone in the past, there will be children present.

    There used to be an understanding amongst militant anti-fascists, even in the early 90’s when the struggle was at its most vicious, that you don’t attack children. Events where they were likely to be kids were off limits.

    However, I would bet a fair amount this new ‘No BNP Festival’ is a Searchlight front. Look at the links section on that blog for instance, TWAFA and Lancaster Unity.

    There are very good reasons why militant anti-fascists DO NOT co-operate with Searchlight, who were proscribed by AFA and now by Antifa, and why information from them should not be trusted, such as the report quoted in your post.

    Some of them are here:

    I’ve had to comment anonymously here, something I don’t like doing, because I don’t trust Searchlight to ‘play fair’.

  4. “There is a reason why the RWB festival has been left alone in the past, there will be children present.”

    that’s fair enough, although theres things that could be done now such as objecting to the granting of a licence

    and i take on board your point about searchlight, and agree, but i think that report seemed pretty genuine

    (and was the only one i could find 🙂

  5. thanks for promoting this johnny. i can assure you we are not a searchlight front – my distrust of searchlight is as great as militant’s and we have a clear understanding that no information is passed to them.

    i think militant’s being a bit ridiculous. no one’s talking about attacking children (except the BNP, of course, trying to demonise the opposition as usual). what we are talking about is trying to stop the festival from going ahead by bringing a mass mobilisation against it. if you support those aims please join us!

  6. Dry up child.
    Open your eyes.
    and while your at it,
    wind your neck in.

    anti-democrat scumbag infants.

    Bnp are a legitmate party, live with it.

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