Let them drink meths

Homeless charities have, as ever, got it hopelessly wrong with their kiljoy proposals to price strong lager out of the range of street drinkers .

Jeremy Swain, director of Thamesreach claims:

“If a can of super strength lager becomes too expensive for homeless alcoholics to buy, we are certain that lives will be saved.”

Meanwhile reactionary fuckwit John Bird has claimed that strong lagers “are like legal cocaine”, which is something old Birdy should know a lot about.

Thamesreach are one of largest homeless charities in the UK and have successively kowtowed to Labour Party dictats on begging, soup runs and now street drinking in moves which have only caused further isolation to the very people they claim to help.

Thamesreach work on the Victorian notion of the undeserving poor and consider that the only way to get a man back on his feet is to kick him whilst he’s down. Thamesreach consider that giving to beggars, soup runs and cheap booze makes life on the street too easy and discourages people from pulling their socks up and getting to work seeking the scant help that homeless charities offer.

Well Jeremy, let’s get one thing straight – life on the street is fucking hard. Whilst Thamesreach play politics they fail to understand that free food, the odd quid, a blanket here and there saves lives and makes an unbearable situation well, that little bit more bearable.

In the Homeless industries world if a beggar can’t afford another can then he’ll immediately move into a hostel, dry out, start a training course and then live a life of prosperity and contentment as a supermarket cashier living in a housing association bedsit.

(except the hostel won’t have any beds, the detox centres are full and the dole will cut their benefit for taking up the wrong kind of training course).

One of the many reasons for the growth in street drinking is that the price of a pint has forced people out of pubs whilst out on the street people drank cooking sherry or meths.

There will always be a cheap as chips way to get pissed.

Round here you can get a bottle of smuggled vodka for little more then a fiver or one of the cheapest ways to get rat-arsed is some of the dirt cheap red wine knocking about.

Of course Thamesreach execs have far too much self-interest to call for higher taxes on red wine.

Alcoholics are resourceful folk when it come’s to getting hold of alcohol and you can’t bully someone out of an addiction. So if the price of spesh’ goes up them expect more begging, more theft and sales of lighter fuel to rocket.

People need a safe space from which to move forward. Proscribed heroin experiments the world over have shown how this can stabilise an individual and allow them to take the next steps towards rebuilding their life.

So perhaps Thamesreach should be calling for free booze and social housing for all!

Not likely when simplistic soundbites make good copy and keep Jeremy’s name in the papers.

5 responses to “Let them drink meths

  1. Nice post. Kudos.

    Have you in my RSS reader now.

  2. Perhaps all these well paid middle class homeless charity workers will give their jobs to the homeless thus solving a problem. They can always relocate to their bourgoise buddies climate change cash bonanza bullshit.
    I wonder how much is this charidee industry worth now I wonder?
    Nice one Mr Void.

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