Thatcher in hospital!

Thatcher taken to London hospital for tests: BBC

get the buntings out folks, could happen any day soon. 

4 responses to “Thatcher in hospital!

  1. That’s a bit unkind, she’s an old lady.

  2. My mate came round drunk at about 2am and woke me up gabbing on about how the old bastard was dead, well in a surreal somnablent state i flicked on News 24 and you know what shes just a bit peeky.

    i’ve tried to paste a class war sticker here but cant. basically says ‘Party 6pm Trafalger Square 1st Saturday after Thatcher dies’

    on a similar note though(old wrinkly oppressor) many years hence when i held the post of pot washer in some swanky wykemist restaurant i worked with a geezer who used to cook for the Queen mother, given her panchant for gagging on chicken bones, i asked him if in the royal kitchens they had a competion to see who could slip her one, he remaind conspiritorially quiet on the matter.

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