Shame on the BBC …

… for giving Nick Griffen a virtually unopposed platform on Newsnight

and for assuming that someone like Griffen is an apt spokesperson for the white, working class.

One class, one class war.

The level of melatonin in someone’s skin or where they or their grandparents happen to have been born is a divisive irrelevence.

New kids on the block, the eloquently named Class War Youth Death Brigade say it well.

(sorry for the ranting, the void was pissed and pissed off) 

9 responses to “Shame on the BBC …

  1. Unopposed platform? He was given 2 minutes to answer rapid fire questions (in a pre-recorded session) without any chance to debate the nonsense being spouted by the ‘panel’ in the studio.

    “The level of melatonin in someone’s skin or where they or their grandparents happen to have been born is a divisive irrelevence.”

    Mate, you seem to be a bit obsessed with skin colour.
    The real question is culture and ethnicity. Do you agree there is such a thing as being ethnically Indian?
    How about being ethnically Japanese?
    So what about the ethnically English?
    So what about the British?

    For 1000 years these islands have slowly evolved with peoples of very similar ethnicity and beliefs. Celts, Germanics, Norse and Normans (norse yet again) made up the homogenous identity of the British people.

    All many, many people in these islands want is the respect of their identity and for their indigineous culture to be taken as seriously as would be given to any other people in this world.

    Lab/Lib/Con have betrayed their own people time and time again. The Bnp are a changed party from the yobs of yesteryear. Parties change, look at new-godawful-Labour.

  2. let me think

    fuck off


  3. Thats him told…

    (maybe not)

  4. i cant be bothered

    they come to this blog, use my comments

    never say anything intersting, clever or funny

    and whist attempting to appear reasonable after a bit of prodding always fall back into overt racism and threats of violence

    its boring

  5. He speaks plain sense. The English are an ethnic group that are a part of the British people.

    A man from Norfolk who moves to Kenya does not suddenly become ethnically african on gaining citizenship and so vice versa.

    Of course people have the right to seek a better life in different lands but not at expense of the indigineous peoples rights and values. When was the vote for multiculturalism declared again? Because I do not remember being asked how we felt about it. Mass immigration without assimilation benifits no one, not the migrants, nor the migrants nations, nor the host peoples, only big business benifits and politics based on division by ethnicity is the result.

    Our government have been put there solely to serve the people of Britain and they have failed them over and over again, particulary so in the last decade.

    That party are not shaven headed criminals, they are not fascists in suits . They are nationalists. A legitimate party deserves the right to be heard in a democratic state.

    This reductio ad Hitlerum is irrelevant and trite, so before you accuse me of nazi loving hate mongering, consider where you are getting your utopian vision from.

  6. To the owner of this blog.

    The bnp are a legitimate party, their policies have nothing to do with race, it is british culture and freedom that are the issues you seem to loathe so much.
    you have followed the old smears all the way home and discovered you like it there.

    Go sign up for the lablibcon and grin yourself to death.

    Shame on you sir.

  7. don’t make me laugh

    “Mark Collett, leader of the Young BNP and a member of the party’s ruling Advisory Council, made the admission to Channel Four last month. In a revealing documentary, he boasted of his support for Hitler’s Germany, said he would prefer to live in 1930s Germany than in many cities of northern England today and declared that he could not understand why people should find images of German soldiers giving nazi salutes upsetting”

    he’s still there ain’t he

  8. do not vote lab lib or con next election.. just say no.

  9. Thanks for the linkage. :]

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