Another blog bites the dust

Thanks to Joe Smith who pointed out in the comments that Debra Bell’s anti-cannabis blog has finally been removed from teh interweb.

So don’t go here to read any of her spiteful nonsense because it’s vamooshed, disappeared, skidaddled or perhaps run away is more apt. Perhaps the comments left were too much for faint hearted Debra who’s fast discovering that politics isn’t really her bag.

Being kind-hearted souls at the void we’d like to remind folk that the comments that led to her blog’s demise have been recorded for prosperity here.

Some folk might claim a victory … we say it’s a good start.


3 responses to “Another blog bites the dust

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  2. congratulations! well done! great job! keep it up!

  3. It hasn’t gone – it’s just been renamed.

    Not that she’s posted anything since March.

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