once a month

just once a month the sun comes out
clouds creep away
laughter dapples dull soaked skies
sliced by colour, young, blue eyes

small hand grips
crushing, dragging, crashing, rushing
scatterbrain through bright green fields
sticks, strange stones and autumn leaves
chasing pigeons, climbing trees

bedtime stories, three or four
toys covering every inch of floor
and then once more

ice bites as silence takes it’s place
clouds crack, rain spills and chills my face

back to grey
tears freeze my throat
it’s been just two days

alone, all quiet, again without
just once a month the sun comes out


7 responses to “once a month

  1. i was very moved by this piece, it’s once a fortnight for me and i love the whole day through

  2. thanks

    it’s actually once every three weeks, but that didnt sound as good 🙂

  3. ‘A Spoon For Every Bite’ by Joe Hayes and illustrated by Rebecca Leer, great bed time story about us poor folk getting one over on a fat bastard, for kiddies of course,

  4. That was very moving.

    I am sorry for what is happening.

  5. ‘Contact’ can be like attending a birth and a funeral on the same day. There is all the buzzy excitement preceeding and then the whole hullaballo of whirling joy punctuated with humous, carrot sticks and fruity drinks, sliding, through quiter reflection on what we have done today and what we might next time, toward bed time and stories and cuddles, kisses and hugs.

    And then its gone, and you, the only mourner at the wake.

    however musnt grumble… the most important thing in all of this is the wee one in the middle, keeping thier life special and full of bounding love, for them to know that in the times apart your love of them fills you to the brim and that every day you know that they fizz with love for you.

  6. well put Ana

    in my case he’s just gone back to his mums, and i’m grumpy

  7. I came to this post late, but have to say I find it very touching. Years ago I happened to live in an apartment block full of divorced guys, and the emotional electricity on access days was quite wearing. I was lucky enough to avoid this fate, but I adore my children and can well imagine how you feel.

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