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Agitpop, 1968 – 2008

London Print Studios is holding an exhibition which “celebrates the changing art of utopian rebellion and activism in an exhibition, and will feature international and contemporary work alongside a unique display of posters from 60s to 80s Notting Hill and Ladbroke Grove”.

They’re based on the Harrow Road and it opens on the 21st February from 6 to 8pm.


£7m up for grabs … do you know this woman?

The woman who gave evidence against the Securitas gang has had a £7 million contract taken out on her life according to the Evening sub-Standard.

Michelle Hogg who made masks for the men out of latex and false hair and claims she had no idea why she needed them is reportedly ‘living in fear’.

Amateur assassins can get a pic of her face easily enough, splashed as it is over the Standard’s front page. The paper goes on to reveal that Hogg is 33, a policeman’s daughter from Plumstead and a graduate of the London School of Fashion.

Criminal overlords have expressed thanks to the paper for the research.

Scientology vs teh interweb

Anonymous, the group who have declared war on Scientology have announced a day of action against the ‘church’ on February 10th.

The campaign began on the website, a tits’n’manga message board who had previously orchestrated campaigns against companies and organisations who have annoyed them in some way.

These have been fairly low key pranks, such as ordering hundreds of pizzas to company offices, but it seems that they have caught the mood of the moment with this new offensive.

The video above has 237,733 views so far on youtube and takes itself very seriously indeed.

Scientology websites have been hit with denial of service attacks around the world, but now Anonymous are calling people to take to the streets and take action against the thetan warriors in the real world.

Meet at Scientology HQ, 146 Queen Victoria Street EC4, 11am on the 10th Feb and wear a mask, if you want … more info.

the void was rejected by the Scientologists when after a 30 minute discussion at their Tottenham Court Road offices, two very large men in black suits gently explained that they thought Scientology wasn’t for us.

What kinda religion is that!

In anarcho circles this protest has had a mixed response, the following from indymedia is worth a read.

Fighting Scientology – an anarchist perspective

Hackney Cops in Illegal Squat Raid!

Hackney police attempts to illegally evict a squat on Tuesday night were thwarted after 30 local activists turned up to help defend the building.

The space which is intended to be used as a Social Centre was subject to a violent attack from the property owners (Howun Estates Ltd) who were quite happy to risk six months imprisonment and force entry to the building.

When those inside called the police to report this offence the coppers turned up and supported the criminals by attempting to force their way inside, almost injuring several people in the process.

Full story and more pics on indymedia.

Whilst we’re on the subject of dodgy police we’d just like to say hello to:

Domain Name ? (U.K.)
IP Address 212.137.45.# (PNN)
State/Region : Essex
City : Bletchley

who’s visited the void no less than 10 times in the last couple of days. Whoever they are they seem very interested in the piece about this old porker … could it be the infamous pie-thief himself?

oh and for the record this hippy twat isn’t me.

Police demo … behind enemy lines

A report from today’s cop demo

A spot of impromptu fare-dodging followed by a lot of impromptu FIT team dodging meant that I didn’t even get close to the Class War meet up point.

Instead I was met with a wall of cops.

The fake police stall at the start of the march was a giggle, if unthreatening, but with FIT teams starting to stop and search I decided it was best to attempt to find the anarchist contingent.

Being the only (far from undercover) anarcho in a crowd of thousands of cops was at best surreal, punctuated by quick flashes of extreme anxiety and a compulsion to occasionally scream ‘I’m not with them’.

But, trapped as I was, I shuffled down Victoria Street generally avoiding eye contact and wishing I was somewhere else.

Hearing a scuffle I fell to the back of the march where a woman was being violently arrested (pics below). Ringed by aggro cops (trying to block photographers), it was hard to find out why, although one of the Met’s finest grunted at me: ‘Section 5, she was swearing’. Meanwhile the FIT team were photographed in Starbucks stocking up on doughnuts.

The cops all wore white caps, whether this was to symbolise their submissive, lackying to the state or a symbol of the preferred skin colour of officers was unclear. This march was very male, very white and very, very dull.

Out of uniform all coppers still look the same and still look like coppers. Some conspiracy theorists have speculated they were all cloned from a single pork sausage.

Cops marched in silence with nothing in the way of support from the general public who seemed to view the whole affair with mild disdain. And reports of 25,000 demonstraters in tonights sub-Standard are bollocks, you can halve that and then knock off a couple of thou’.

The mass lobby of parliament was also an abject failure with barely a handful committed enough to stay out of the pub. So much for the ‘7,000-10,000 policemen and women queuing outside the Palace of Westminster’ trumpeted on the Police Federation’s website.

Brian Haw and co were good value for money as ever, ranting at the cops mingling around Parliament Square after the march ended. But for this vegetarian the smell of bacon and cheap aftershave was a bit too much so I sloped off home before I got meself in trouble.

The good news is that, despite two arrests, the Class War counter-demo has been hailed a success. Early reports also reveal the BNP’s presence at the front of the cop’s march.

Fun and japes at the start of the march

Stop and search

Pig City

Arrested for swearing?

A quick doughnut break

Coppers are definitely getting younger

Brian Haw and co doing what they do

The failed mass lobby, you can never find a copper when you need one

Where were all those missing coppers?

Police trash littered the streets of Westminster

Meanwhile those in the know warn us that the freemasons are behind the latest teen stabbing in London … keep it under yer (tinfoil) hat!

America’s Most Wanted

Judicialwatch have just released their list of of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” in 2007, read it here.

Barack’s on there as is Republican crook Guiliani but topping the list is el presidentess-in-waiting: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Judicialwatch claim they are: “Promoting Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Government, Politics and the Law” … we reckon they’ll have a long wait.

Drugs, The Frank Truth

We haven’t picked on poor old talktofrank for a while but his new video warning da yout’ about the dangers of drugs kinda got us going. In his own trendy-uncle way Frank will be spamming youtube, bebo and the like in the hope of giving net-savvy kids a stark warning … drug’s ain’t cool.

Being responsible types at the void we thought we’d help out and offer up some propaganda of our own.

So here’s the void’s lo-tech guide to warn kiddies about druggies.

The Coke Taker
Supermodel Kate Moss has been known to indulge in God’s own marching powder to help her manage her busy work and social life. Part of the trendy Notting Hill set, fashion icon Kate is seen at all the best parties and has million pound contracts with leading designers.

Look how beautiful she is girls, what perfect skin and so slim … we bet she can get any guy she wants. Coke is it!

The Pill Taker
Despite being christened Quentin, Fatboy Slim is one of the biggest selling dance artists in the world. As a pill popping youngster Fatboy flew all over the world playing to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans.

Once a hit with the ladies, Fatboy is content with his wife these days, TV sexpot Zoe Ball. Although he won the Ivor Novello Award last year these days Fatboy is most likely to be found counting his money or driving one of his many sports cars.

The Stoner
Someone else who’s no stranger to platinum selling records is West Coast hip hop mega-star Snoop Dogg. Snoop loves the ganja and it can only have helped inspire some of the biggest ever hip hop albums ever released. His first album, Doggystyle, was the first ever debut album to enter the US billboard at number one.

Snoop has also featured in several Hollywood movies and has his own clothing label. Effortlessly good looking Snoop know’s what he wants from his ‘Hos’ and may have 99 problems but we’re betting a bitch ain’t one.

Snoop is less well known for his fine and incisive legal mind which has helped keep him on the straight and narrow for many years.

and now for the geeks …

The Tripper
Bill Gates* was a regular LSD user as a youngster but that didn’t stop him going on to build one of the most successful businesses in the world. Gates has been named the richest person in the world, with recent estimates putting his net worth over $56 billion USD.

Gates has received four honorary doctorates as well as an honorary KBE (Knighthood) from our dear Maj’. He may not be much in the looks department, but hey with a bank balance like that we’re betting the lovin’ comes easy.

So there you go kids, drugs are bad. Meanwhile look what can be achieved by a life of abstinance and purity. This old lump has been MP for Maidstone for over 20 years.

Just say yeah baby, yeah.

*void disclaimer: Bill Gates is a cunt.