Squaring up to the New Year

Well, we’re back from a fun and snowy Kristmas in the West Country and things are hotting up already for January.

First up is a demonstration to support four men who were in Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre during a spontaneous protest last November. They’re in Southwark Crown Court on the 7th Jan and a demo has been called outside from 9am. More details on indymedia.

Then on the 12th Jan ‘We Own The Streets’ with a day of action for freedom of assembly.

On the 19th Jan our friends in the North will be holding an Anti-Racist March with the National Climate Camp meeting also taking place in the North, in Leeds on Jan 26/27th.

And finally Class War have called for an anti-police action to disrupt their demo on 23rd Jan with the plan being to ‘occupy a vantage point right next to the greedy rozzers and stick it to ‘em throughout the march’ … which sounds like a giggle.

So shake off the hangovers or just stay drunk ‘cos January’s full.


One response to “Squaring up to the New Year

  1. On a different note, I found this article http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showthread.php?p=3225220 listing the greenest cities in the US. This shows that municipalities care about climate change. I guess the general population cares about the environment and global warming. My score on their calculator was 400 but at least I am trying. Here is the link to the website that published the list of cites and where the carbon calculator can be found: http://www.earthlab.com. The test took me like 5 minutes tops, and then maybe another 2 minutes to find the pledges I wanted. Pretty cool application.

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