Hey coppers leave them kids alone!

Whilst things have gone quiet in France due to a massive police presence on the streets, encouraging news from Holland reveals that the kids are still revolting with tens of thousands of children walking out of school over the last few days.

The action started last Friday due to the government announcing the extention of the working week which will see kids workload stretch to 1040 hours per year. Some have suggested that the unrest is more due to kids being bored in lessons and lacking any say in their education.

The walk outs happened again on Monday when savvy kids contacted each other via msn and over teh interweb leaving almost every school in Holland affected.

When the kids made their point by pelting the Dutch old bill with eggs the police response was proportionate as ever with water cannons and baton charges.

One student said:

“Over 50 kids already have been arrested and a watercannon has been used next to my school to stop kids. It’s going mad here.”

The government is threatening to fine children who do not turn up to school, as well as imposing fines on the schools themsleves. Despite this more walk outs are planned for tomorrow.

Over 250 children have been arrested in the last week.

Here’s a youtube vid’ with some footage of the days fun.

Amazing high-school revolt in Holland


One response to “Hey coppers leave them kids alone!

  1. The lady being interviewed is saying “We’re going back to class, wonderful! Lovely lessons to do.”

    The coppers is shouting “Go away! Go away! Go to school!”


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