Canadian Cops Join Black Bloc!

We’re a bit late with this but there you go. Three Canadian cops momentarily changed sides at the recent Nafta SPP protest in Montebello Quebec.

The three scamps were spotted by anarcho types who challenged them and then Communications Union President Dave Coles gave them a stern telling off, particularly directed at the poor chap with a rock in his hand. The three interlopers held their ground for a short while before forcing their way into a police line and being ‘arrested’.

Handy hint for agent provocateur wannabes – try remember not to wear police issue boots when going undercover.

After 4 days of silence the Canadian old bill admitted that the three were undercover stooges and claimed that the rock had been forced into the fragile little plod’s hand … and what’s more he’s very interested in geology, he keeps the rock as a pet and that a baby-eating anarchist had somehow superglued the rock to his hand when he was sleeping.

Watch the video, it’s a giggle.


2 responses to “Canadian Cops Join Black Bloc!

  1. am i a bodyfascist?

    nice one …
    makes me think of the german ones recently exposed @ g8 … or the one me mate got arrested for videotaping … though most striking example to me still is the plainclothes that got punched and clubbed quite bad in hamburg despite yelling codeword ‘moonlight’ over and over, afterwards sueing their violent buddies — in vain just like any other stoopid civy 😮

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