the void in pictures

How sweet you sigh, well we think so. Here’s some pics, all original to the void of course (we wouldn’t want to upset a certain amateur photographer would we) to help you through the summer months without us.

We know things have been sporadic and we offer no apologies … but we will be back. Come September the great relaunch happens, probably, so hang tight, enjoy and keep the faith, ‘cos as we all know, ya can’t kill the spirit.

Although apparantly you can put it to sleep now and then.

So that’s, probably, mostly it until September, unless of course the international working class rise up and overthrow the capitalist pigs in which case we’ll see you on the barricades.

but we ain’t holding our breath.


Those Iranian Hostages … the smoking gun.


At Home With Cameron

Mayday 2007

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Skunk Drought

They Fought the Law and They Won (2!)



Now Llamas Are Called Up to Kill Arabs!

Masons of the Month


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