Shop your local CCTV camera

“Research shows that up to 90% of CCTV installations fail to comply with the Information Commissioner’s UK CCTV Code of Practice and many installations are operated illegally. That has profound implications for the reputation of the CCTV and camera surveillance industry and all concerned with it. It‚s clear there is a need for an organisation dedicated to promoting the legal and effective use of CCTV. I’m not surprised there’s confusion. It’s a complex area not just covering appropriate siting and signage issues, but also various pieces of legislation. In particular, the Data Protection Act covers images of people and requires they are held securely if the data is to be used as legal and admissible evidence. Storing images of people is also impacted by the EU Human Rights Act. As things stand today, clever legal counsel could drive a horse and cart through most CCTV evidence and that is not in anybody’s best interests.”


3 responses to “Shop your local CCTV camera

  1. Ridiculous! I feel safe knowing that they’re there…

    Why are you so worried anyway? What’ve you got to hide?

  2. Is this guy having you on? It’s hard to imagine that a nation which used to be identified with individualism [Poll Tax riots] would just roll over and play dead. What the hell is happening over there? I was borne in Colchester and most of my people are still in the West country, but I just don’t understand the England of today. The basic answer to people like Stopard (IF he is being serious)is, of course, pretty standard. We are not in this world to justify ourselves to the State. I don’t want to be “protected”, “understood” or micromanaged by government. When politicians get on the “law and order” bandwagon things get worse not better to say the least.

  3. i liked the way u write

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