"Inspector, I think you need to know that I knocked one out before I came to work."

Pc Richard James Bowen, 31, from Dyfed Powys Police sobbed like a baby as a jury at Swansea Crown Court found him guilty of performing a sex act in front of a female who was in custody.

Wanker Bowen arrested a young woman in London on suspician of car theft and she was driven to Wales by a female officer with Bowen in the back. During the journey he passed notes to the woman with crude teenage messages scrawled across them such as “I’m so hard”.

When these unusual seduction techniques failed to impress Bowen upped the ante and got his knob out in the hope of a bit of relief. The woman, still unimpressed failed to give out, so Bowen was left to spurt his mess in his handkerhief which he then stuffed in his pocket.

Our canny heroine made an immediate complaint on arrival at the police station, citing the handkerchief as evidence. To counter these allegations Bowen made the amusing reponse:

“Inspector, I think you need to know that I knocked one out before I came to work.”

After tests on the handkerchief and the car seat confirmed that they were indeed dripping with Bowen’s lovejuice he was arrested and charged.

Sentencing will take place in June and Bowen has been warned he may well face a prison sentence where he is sure to be warmly welcomed. Let’s hope Bowen gets his fair share of loving inside.

Pc guilty of squad car indecency


3 responses to “"Inspector, I think you need to know that I knocked one out before I came to work."

  1. The guy looks like an arse hole; however, it doesn’t follow that you should wish grave harm upon him. What, do you want him to receive a beating merely because he’s a copper?

  2. btw, you keep deleting my messages. So you’re an anarchistic, police hating Marxist who happens to support censorship in this instance?

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