France and Israel on Collision Course

French troops were recently “just two seconds” from launching an anti- aircraft missile at two Israeli F-15 fighters according to online journal The First Post.

Sources claim that Israeli jets are regularly carryling out low flying incursions into Lebanese airspace with some deducing that this is intended to provoke Hezbollah into responding and creating another yet another confilct in te region which Israel will doubtless lose … again.

The French officer in command of the 11,500-strong UN contingent in the region, Major General Alain Pellegrini, has made it clear that he considers these incursions to violate the UN Security Council resolution which brought a temporary end to last summer’s bloody war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Israel break a UN Resolution, we don’t believe it.

Meanwhile the Israeli government has hit back claiming that the French controlled peacekeeping troops have been ignoring examples of Hezbollah re-arming with some suggesting that Pellegrini has “turned pro-Hezbollah”.

Pellegrini is due to be replaced by an Italian next month and the arrival of right wing lunatic Sarkovsky as new French president may relieve tensions slightly between the two states. Meanwhile Hezbollah have warned that street protests will continue unless a new cabinet is formed that includes several ministers representing the opposition.

This will prove unacceptable to the Israelis and is almost certain to lead to further hostilities. With the Israeli infantry in tatters and the current government riddled by scandal almost everyone but Israeli hawks can see the devastation this would bring to the citizens of the country.

So Uncle Sam joining in the fray and helping out their best buddies in the region remains a terrifying but possible outcome.

World War 3 anyone, you heard it first on the void.


5 responses to “France and Israel on Collision Course

  1. Well, I’m glad you’re here to tell us these things. I knew I could count on you, resident Cultural Marxist, to inform me of the impending doom over in the middle east; you’re outstanding. I’ll keep coming back for breaking world news. You’re a real fucking hero!

  2. aww shucks thanks

    but you don’t need to keeping coming back


  3. You haven’t the guts to reply, you little turd! So, am I correct in asying you’re too black to understand irony?

  4. what has my race got to do with the price of fish you dumb fuck

    and not that it matters, but i aint black

  5. Is that another of your Marxist tactics? To call one foul names when you don’t agree with him?

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