Littlejohn’s Britain

Richard Littlejon’s new book, currently selling for half price on amazon, is already being hailed as a classic of contemporary political thought. Below are some choice quotes of the gushing reviews so far which mark Littlejohn out as peerless in his inadequacy and analytical failure. Don’t even steal this book.

“After reading that my shoes are probably made in China my anger knew no bounds. Imagine that! Chinese! Thankfully now my blood pressure is rising and I stride proudly barefoot.”

“Tightly written and highly exhilarating, ‘Littlejohn’s Britain’ rockets along at the pace of a runaway train and never lets up. From the initial discovery of the dead prostitute (“She had it coming,” a gruff Littlejohn observes with peerless humour) through to the unspeakable evil of the government’s nefarious ‘recycling’ scheme, every turn of the page brings a shocking new twist which will never fails to excite.”

“Littlejohn’s book is so brilliant that when, as is inevitable in modern Britain, a gay immigrant made an attempt to steal it from my bag it literally burnt his hands and made them dissolve a little bit.”

“Your average sub-continental would have you believe that up until the eighteenth century he was swanning around in pyjamas, drinking tea, and playing kabbaddi. Not a bit of it! When the Dutch East India company landed in Delhi in 1783 you couldn’t get a peshwari na’an and garlic rice for love nor money. Empire was the best thing that ever happened to the Indian: it got him off his arse. Of course, they tried to get their independence through non-violence, but we had the perfect answer for non-violence. Violence. Lots and lots of violence.”

“Thank Christ for Littlejohn, the working’s man’s best friend. Not since Himmler has such an incisive political mind played across the landscape of European politics.”

“That man is Littlejohn and his latest book will surely come to be regarded as one of the western world’s greatest works of literature – Dickensian in its scope, Swiftian in its satire and Clarksonian in its appeal to brown leather jacket and slim panatella man.”

“No-one else can express such complex right wing views in such a monosyllabic form”

“If you like LittleJohns opinions I urge you to get somebody to read it out aloud for you, priceless!”

Read more reviews here

Respec’ to memespring on urban for the tip.


2 responses to “Littlejohn’s Britain

  1. Ace post – thanks!

  2. thanks, we try

    but we can’t take all the credit, with a target like Littlejohn you can hardly miss

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