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Shop your local CCTV camera

“Research shows that up to 90% of CCTV installations fail to comply with the Information Commissioner’s UK CCTV Code of Practice and many installations are operated illegally. That has profound implications for the reputation of the CCTV and camera surveillance industry and all concerned with it. It‚s clear there is a need for an organisation dedicated to promoting the legal and effective use of CCTV. I’m not surprised there’s confusion. It’s a complex area not just covering appropriate siting and signage issues, but also various pieces of legislation. In particular, the Data Protection Act covers images of people and requires they are held securely if the data is to be used as legal and admissible evidence. Storing images of people is also impacted by the EU Human Rights Act. As things stand today, clever legal counsel could drive a horse and cart through most CCTV evidence and that is not in anybody’s best interests.”










1. Why are we not flying the cross of St George flag in every town and city in England ?

2. Why is there no English parliament for the English ?

3. Why is England being broken up into regions ?

4. Why is St Georges day not celebrated in the capitol and not promoted as a special day ?

5. Why is England not printed on the new European maps ?

6. Why is there no box for the English on census forms ?

7. Why is English history being slowly removed from the school curriculum ?

8. Why are we being manoeuvred into joining the E.U and adopting the euro when the English people are fully against it ?

9. Why and who is behind destroying nationalism throughout Europe and any elegance to their national flag ?

10. Why are there no Anglo Saxons sitting on the C.R.E ?

11. Why are there no Anglo Saxons in real positions of power and influence in England ?

12. Why are Anglo Saxons discriminated against in the Arts via Arts Council England and its sub divisions ?

13. Why are Anglo Saxons made to feel guilty in promoting their culture and identity when all other ethnic groups are encouraged to be proud of theirs ?

14. Why and who is behind illegal immigration ?

15. Why and who is behind more immigration throughout Britain and Europe which destroys cohesion ending up with a community of communities ?

16. Why are the churches neglected and a Christian way of life being eroded in schools and society in general ?

17. Why through TV is there a campaign for the English to relocate to other parts of Europe ?

18. Why through TV are the Anglo Saxon/Celtic peoples portrayed as dysfunctional in all forms, derided in advertising as stupid, shown as killers and rapists in the soap operas in socially engineered lies to promote and reflect their own agenda to a gullible public ?

19. Why is Guitar based music suppressed in advertising and TV and all other music styles promoted.

20. Why do we stand by and tolerate Anti-English discrimination in the form of positive discrimination and do nothing, that was until NOW !




bring it on …

You Are Not Fucked

"Inspector, I think you need to know that I knocked one out before I came to work."

Pc Richard James Bowen, 31, from Dyfed Powys Police sobbed like a baby as a jury at Swansea Crown Court found him guilty of performing a sex act in front of a female who was in custody.

Wanker Bowen arrested a young woman in London on suspician of car theft and she was driven to Wales by a female officer with Bowen in the back. During the journey he passed notes to the woman with crude teenage messages scrawled across them such as “I’m so hard”.

When these unusual seduction techniques failed to impress Bowen upped the ante and got his knob out in the hope of a bit of relief. The woman, still unimpressed failed to give out, so Bowen was left to spurt his mess in his handkerhief which he then stuffed in his pocket.

Our canny heroine made an immediate complaint on arrival at the police station, citing the handkerchief as evidence. To counter these allegations Bowen made the amusing reponse:

“Inspector, I think you need to know that I knocked one out before I came to work.”

After tests on the handkerchief and the car seat confirmed that they were indeed dripping with Bowen’s lovejuice he was arrested and charged.

Sentencing will take place in June and Bowen has been warned he may well face a prison sentence where he is sure to be warmly welcomed. Let’s hope Bowen gets his fair share of loving inside.

Pc guilty of squad car indecency

Criminal Mass?

“Critical Mass (CM) is a monthly event mainly consisting of cyclists but other forms of human propulsion are welcomed. The first one happened in San Francisco USA on Friday, September 25, 1992 and since then enthusiasts in many towns and cities worldwide have followed suit. Sometimes events calling themselves ‘Critical Mass’ accompany public demonstrations but purists argue they are not related to the regular monthly ride. It is difficult to describe CM as opinions differ widely but they seem to range from a simple celebration of cycling to an anti-authoritarian blockade of traffic, particularly cars, with many facets in between. Almost from the beginning there has been a mixed reaction from the police, ranging from helpful facilitation to aggressive confrontation.

In the last few years the police have become much more confrontational in the UK and they try to manipulate the rides. London now has large numbers of cycle police attending every Mass, except the one in December which is close to the New Year holiday when they don’t turn up at all!. The Metropolitan Police issued a leaflet to participants in September 2005 claiming that the ride is not lawful. Their claim was rejected in the High Court in May 2006 but the police have since appealed and won.

Critical Massers have vowed that the ride will go on. The next London Critical Mass is on Friday 25th May, meeting outside the NFT between 6 and 6.30pm and there has been a call-out to make this the biggest ride ever.”

nicked wholesale from indymedia

Iraq for Sale

“Director Robert Greenwald testified on May 10th on outsourcing before the Defense Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee. He was invited to testify before Congress by Rep. Jim Moran and intended to show four minutes from Iraq For Sale. Instead, Republicans banned the excerpts from being shown. The video below is what was intended to be shown before Congress.”

Over 3000 people donated to produce Iraq for Sale, a feature length documentary highlighted corporate theft in Iraq. Screenings are now taking place all over the world, check their website for details.

Meanwhile Corporate Watch have just published an alternative Annual Report for war profiteers Halliburton.

France and Israel on Collision Course

French troops were recently “just two seconds” from launching an anti- aircraft missile at two Israeli F-15 fighters according to online journal The First Post.

Sources claim that Israeli jets are regularly carryling out low flying incursions into Lebanese airspace with some deducing that this is intended to provoke Hezbollah into responding and creating another yet another confilct in te region which Israel will doubtless lose … again.

The French officer in command of the 11,500-strong UN contingent in the region, Major General Alain Pellegrini, has made it clear that he considers these incursions to violate the UN Security Council resolution which brought a temporary end to last summer’s bloody war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Israel break a UN Resolution, we don’t believe it.

Meanwhile the Israeli government has hit back claiming that the French controlled peacekeeping troops have been ignoring examples of Hezbollah re-arming with some suggesting that Pellegrini has “turned pro-Hezbollah”.

Pellegrini is due to be replaced by an Italian next month and the arrival of right wing lunatic Sarkovsky as new French president may relieve tensions slightly between the two states. Meanwhile Hezbollah have warned that street protests will continue unless a new cabinet is formed that includes several ministers representing the opposition.

This will prove unacceptable to the Israelis and is almost certain to lead to further hostilities. With the Israeli infantry in tatters and the current government riddled by scandal almost everyone but Israeli hawks can see the devastation this would bring to the citizens of the country.

So Uncle Sam joining in the fray and helping out their best buddies in the region remains a terrifying but possible outcome.

World War 3 anyone, you heard it first on the void.