Stop the new Gatwick detention centre

Over 2,600 people, mostly asylum seekers, are locked up in detention camps and prisons in Britain, without trial and without time limit and with no automatic right to bail.

The government is building new detention centres with a target capacity of 4000.

One of these is about to be built inside the Gatwick airport area. They are starting building works in the coming months and planning to finish it by 2008.

On Saturday 21st of April 2007. There’s going to be a demonstration in Three Bridges near Crawley against the new detention centre. Come to the demonstration or organise solidarity demos/actions in your own cities and towns. Meet up at Jubilee Field in Three Bridges at noon. Nearest train stop Three Bridges. Come out of Three Bridges station and turn left into East Avenue,after two minutes walk the park (Jubilee Field) is on your right.

For more information on the campaign against the Gatwick detention centre and further details about the demo and companies involved in building and running the centre check regularly or


2 responses to “Stop the new Gatwick detention centre

  1. am i a bodyfascist?

    airport prisons, detention or else, are just a advanved form of economised torture. land’s cheap and usually not allowed for housing. there’s no way of getting decent sleep, the air’s what’s coming out of the jet engines. combined with the usual healthy food and excellent health service, works perfect. after 1 month in zurich airport prison (there’s a regular one there right beside the detention variety), eventually had to swallow cortisone for 5 years. but hey, also in the regular prison was the only local citizen, so who gives a f**k anyway …

  2. J’ai vraiment appr�ci� chaque petit morceau de lecture et je vous ai mis en signet afin de ne rien louper des prochains nouveaux article.

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