British Soldiers To Be Treated By Vets!

MoD sources have confirmed that vets are being used in Iraq to treat casualties taken from the front line. Speaking only under cover of complete anonymity, our source, junior minister Tom watson, denied that this was a cost cutting exercise and claimed that vets are more than capable of patching people up in the heat of battle.

Pointing out that vets routinely deal with lions, tigers and crocodiles he made it clear that these are the best trained individuals available to work in stressful situations and that the ketamine was proving popular with our boys as well.

Vets are being used more and more as a replacement for GPs, it has recently been revealed that Margaret Thatcher has been treated by a vet for several years now and her distemper has almost cleared up, although the mange remains a problem.

Rumours that soldiers are to be neutered are not yet confirmed, but it is thought that with women now serving on the front line then Health and Safety guidelines make this inevitable. Several soldiers have made complaints to Officers which has resulted in them being sent to the front line in Afghanistan to be used as human shields.

the void was able to smuggle out the pic shown taken from the top secret celebrity launch of this latest venture. Prince Harry claimed he enjoyed the prick in his arse and would not hesitate in repeating the experience, but only after a few bevvies. Meanwhile poor Rolf is undergoing counselling.


One response to “British Soldiers To Be Treated By Vets!

  1. Awesome news! Although I suspect this is a spoof.

    But I’m happy to hear that these grunts are treated like the animals they are.

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