Unwelcome Guests at RTF4

Dimwit cops shut down half of north London last night due to a few hundred people having a party. Holloway Rd and surrounding areas were completely closed off as riot police attempted to stop 200 or so people attending the already successful event which had been open since 1pm.

The police and fire brigade had been in attendance earlier in the day however after some negotiation the fire chaps agreed the venue was safe and they were happy for the event to go ahead.

This didn’t deter the blundering boys on blue who showed up around 1am and created a major public order situation out of thin air causing huge disruption in the area.

Latest news at 4am was the police had gone home and people were once again free to enter the building, we’ll keep you posted with any developments.

Meanwhile a report is available on uk indymedia.


8 responses to “Unwelcome Guests at RTF4

  1. It’s absolutely true; a public order situation was created out of thin air….Pointless and stupid.
    Real shame, all the rigs turned off.
    Really impressive building though. Very sorted.
    Where were you VoId?

  2. child care commitments

    i was there in the morning though to clean up

    hows that for anarchist brownie points 🙂

  3. Double, triple… at least!!!!
    And in that case I owe you thanks.

    See you next time.

  4. What a phoney…
    So mate, is that what you had intended for the Vortex?
    Good party was it?
    Good pills?

    What did your neighbours say about starting the party again at 4am?
    Maybe one of them’s a cleaner and has to get up at the crack of dawn to get to work to feed her kids.

    Maybe your local community didn’t want you having parties on a Sunday night before the start of a week of hard working class grind. Or maybe you asked them first?
    Silly police, I wonder if some of the neighbours called them…hmm….

    The idea that you were trying to represent your local community through annexing the vortex makes me pretty sick void. Get off your lazy backside and try and actually do some good for the people you pretend to support.

    Lies lies lies.

    ….but a good party mind.

  5. was a top party by all accounts despite the unwelcome intrusion

    you have no idea what i and others do the our local communities

    so fuck off eh, and why not post under your own name

  6. Good for you you cleared up after Jon. Fuckin mad sound system – fuck what any the neighbours say run ting

  7. I think it is a fair question to ask what you think your neighbours felt about an all night party occuring on a Sunday night?

    Is this planned as a regular event?

    What kind of warning will you give us in the future? At least let us have the choice as to whether we hang around for it or sleep elsewhere.
    Why did you choose to organise this on a Sunday night? Many local people see this as their only day of rest before the week begins.


  8. err … the party was on Saturday night

    but thanks for the comment

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