Breaking News: Riots Break Out in Campsfield Detention Centre

“Seven staff and two inmates have been injured in a fire after a riot broke out at an immigration detention centre.”

more news when we have it


6 responses to “Breaking News: Riots Break Out in Campsfield Detention Centre

  1. “They’ve stopped fighting now but they’re destroying every bit of equipment they can find – computers are getting smashed, shops are getting broken into. They’re stealing everything.”

    Says it all.

  2. too right, bloody immigrants, they come over here, burn down our prisons .. heh heh

    we need more like ’em

  3. boring sentinel, ill just put comment moderation on again and delete all your comments if you continue with your racist deluded garbage

    there are plenty of facist sites where you can spout this crap, i dont want it littering this site

  4. Go on, put it back on.

    It would be fine if they were inside when it burnt down, then I would agree there should be more here.

  5. perhaps you serve a purpose, you reveal the true colours of the far right.

    so you would be happy if asylum seekers burnt to death, I see

    would that have included jewish asylum seekers in the thirties, its not difficult to tell whose side youd have been on in that particular conflict

  6. Violence begets violence.

    If the “asylum seekers” had perished in the fire they started, not caring about anyone else’s safety, then it would have been rough justice.

    If these people were genuine, and we know they were not, they would have been happy to be safe. Instead they revealed their true criminal colours, and their utter contempt for the British, their generosity and their laws.

    Why the hell would we want more people like this in our country?

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