Solidarity for the ex-Vortex

Around 40 people protested on Church Street today in solidarity with the ex-Vortex Social Centre which was evicted earlier in the week. Parasitic landlord Richard Midda has wasted no time in erecting scaffolding on the building, yet it still seems unclear what the plans for the building are.

Many of the ex-residents and local supporters were persent today as leaflets were handed out to the community explaining the reasons for the occupation and the plans for the future. Church Street was closed to traffic for at least five minutes (maybe 10) whilst those present took to the road to walk from the meeting point to outside the (now well and truly) ex-Vortex.

The chant of “What do we want … free space” was the call of the day and discussions were rife about plans for the future.

It’s called establishing closure ok, here’s some pics.


2 responses to “Solidarity for the ex-Vortex

  1. Sorry I missed the demo; I was at work that day. Having been to the X-vortex a number of times I felt things were really beginning to come together there. The eviction is a tragedy and just one more reason to hate the system.

    Good luck with any future plans.

    Local resident

  2. Thank you! YEAH the local people liked it. people liked it. lets do it again!!!

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