That Stop the War March

We admit it, we had fun. The pangs of depression, hopelessness and despair didn’t manage to get us down this time round. We met lots of old friends. We got shitfaced. All in all a good day out.

And about as politically effective as drinking a load of lager on Piccadilly and collapsing into a heap.

Which is what we did.

The anarchist bloc was strong and encouraging, even though is remained flanked by cops as ever (particularly after an impromptu game of street football with a toy police helmet). But the spirits remained high and ultimately babylon failed to bite so we were left hanging around in the square listening to the dreary speeches.

Here’s some pics … and as ever .. we never said we were fucking photographers.

Carnivalistas brave the dark skies

a copcar captured by the anarchist hordes

Why are you called FIT when you’re not?

The anarchist bloc

Judging by the way he was rattling and the sheen of sweat over his face throughout the day, this usual suspect looked like he needed a drink more than us, there’s meetings you can go to you know … get some help eh.


4 responses to “That Stop the War March

  1. It was pretty fun tbh, I took lots of photos here hopefully we made at least a bit of a difference! It was depressing though how many police were there along the route, rather than out arresting actual criminals…
    oh well

  2. it was good but i can’t help thinking that we’ve got to do something more than politely walking in the streets. . . i mean jeez – they didn’t do anything when 2 million marched in ’03. i say we riot* if they even hint at an attack on iran!

    *no harm to people and small businesses implied. . . !

  3. I was there, with flask of whisky.

    I saw the archists, didn’t knwo you were there or I would have offered you a swig

  4. sorry rachel, just was you there

    so it was you chanting ‘no war but the class war’ all the way through the march

    might have known 🙂

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