Posh Fash Throw Down Gauntlet

A group of hard right and ultra nationalist organisations have thrown down a gauntlet to the left by threatening to march on mayday demanding the right to an English parliament.

Their website at http://www.justiceforengland.com/ stays quiet on the subject of who is actually organising this event, although the few links on the site point to some usual suspects.

An English parliament may seem a relatively harmless distraction for those on the libertarian left who would rather see the end of any parliament whatsoever. It does seem however that some of those organising this march have a slightly more extreme viewpoint then they first let on.

The website for the event appears to be registered in the name of one Steve Garrett. Steve Garret is also the web chairman for the English Democrats Party, an English nationalist party not far removed from the BNP.

They wouldn’t agree, they are emphatic in their denials of racism, stating on their website:

“The EDP takes a hard line on anyone suggesting the English Democrats are racist and will seek legal remedy for anyone slandering the party in this way.”

So the racist fuckwits want to get legal on our asses, well we say go ahead. The poor old EDP seem unable to grasp the principle in British law that political parties cannot sue for libel as established by Goldsmith vs Bhoyrul and Others (1997) .

When this blogger accused them of being quasi-facists they were quick to threaten legal action until being forced into a gruelling climb down after reading up on the basics of libel law.

We won’t call them fascists here though, it wouldn’t be quite accurate.

One of the links on the EDP’s website points http://www.anglosaxonsociety.co.uk/, an organisation which seeks to establish the English as an ethnic group and makes repeated references to the white race.

The mixture of conspiracy theory and vague esotericism, as well as downright paranoia on this site makes for a depressing experience. The Anglo-Saxon Society ask us:

“Why through TV are the Anglo Saxon/Celtic peoples portrayed as dysfunctional in all forms, derided in advertising as stupid, shown as killers and rapists in the soap operas in socially engineered lies to promote and reflect their own agenda to a gullible public ?”

There’s no answer to that and it gets worse. The part of their site devoted to the history of the ‘white race’ contains several chapters from a book called March of the Titans, “The complete and comprehensive history of the White Race”. This dodgy tome features several chapters on the second world war which read like a fawning eulogy to nazi Germany.

Holocaust denial is par for the course with these misfits as they state:

“All things said, to have been a Jew in Nazi Germany could not have been a pleasant experience: but, as the over 4.3 million claims against the post war German state from Jews who suffered as a result of this persecution, (by 1998 the German state had paid out over $50 billion in reparations), certainly far fewer died than what is most often claimed. Increasingly, all the evidence urges a complete revision of this aspect of the history of World War Two.”

Meanwhile one of the EDP’s spokespersons appears to argue for a tacit alliance with the England First Party (EFP). Speaking on the crossofstgeorge forums ‘English Democrat’ states:

“England first party – Working hard to get English Nationalist Councillors elected, is something that should be respected, even if specific areas of policy are not in line with the English Democrats views.

A National Council directive NOT to attack other English Nationalist parties was passed a few months ago by the English Democrats National Council.”

The EFP was formed by Mark Cotterill, former member of the National Front and one of the founder members of the BNP.

Back to the EDP, their policy on asylum seekers states:

“The UK should refuse to accept any further asylum seekers

In order to end the mass inflow of asylum seekers into the UK, the UK must withdraw from the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees.”

There is no mass inflow of asylum seekers into the UK (currently around 15-20,000 applications per year) so what would motivate the EDP to lie about this other than out and out racism we can only guess at.

The EDP also demand:

“We call for the compulsory flying of the English flag, the cross of St George, on all state-maintained public buildings in England.”

Whilst that may seem a fascist policy to some we’d go further here at the void. Their obsessive English nationalism, promotion of weird esoteric views on race and culture as well as their dictatorial views on what it means to be English are far more akin to nazism than traditional economic fascism.

The other supporters of this mayday march appear to be equally repugnant. Whilst they try to hide their true colours under a mask of victimhood, unfortunately they don’t do it very well.

We Are The English appear to be linked to the organisers of this march. Their website recommends the English Independence Party, stating: “Well worth a look. The clues in the name…”

Policies of this party include:

“4.2 Reduced population of England (they don’t say how exactly)
We will bring about a reduction in the population of England from 50 million to less than 45 million people. This will reduce all our problems of congestion, including pressure for more new housing in our precious countryside.
We will allow NO MORE IMMIGRATION into England. We will enforce this by increasing the resources of the Customs and Immigration Service, using available military personnel when convenient.
4.4 Repatriation
Over time we will encourage post-WW2 non-European mass immigrants to return to their countries of origin, culture and extended families.”

This site also links to http://www.wodensfolk.org.uk/ another esoteric, nationalistic affair trading on the two staples of nazi ideology – conspiracy theory and pseudo-esoteric bullshit about national origins. Woden’s Folk warn us:

“This is why Woden’s Folk will co-operate with all peoples around the world who seek to break free from this world domination by the Dark Forces.”

Whether those dark forces refer to jews, muslims or communists remains unclear.

Also on the list of links affiliated with this daft demo are auld enemy The Freedom Association. We’ve covered these union busting, apartheid supporting muppets before but it seems that they still seem intent on forcing their own warped version of freedom on the general populace.

How currently apathetic TUC members will react to the Freedom Association marching on mayday is anyone’s guess, here’s hoping that it perks them up a bit, they’ve still got some big lads after all.

Meanwhile, as anarchists the question is do we bite?

Do we allow this motley bunch of racists, nazis and crypto-fascists to pollute the streets of London on mayday … our day.

Chances are that the Met will step in long before we even get a chance to decide. For all their brave chat it seems doubtful that these little Englanders will be given permission to march and it’s further doubtful that they will have the balls to go ahead against police advice.

Nervy cops will be keen to avoid a showdown which could lead to a public order situation of hilarious consequences so it’s likely that this event will be down the swanny before the month is out. If not a militant anti-fascist response may be called for, if only for want of something fun to do this mayday, given the lack of any other inspirational suggestions.


45 responses to “Posh Fash Throw Down Gauntlet

  1. They sound like fashos to me, too, from what you have quoted. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it bloody well must be a duck!

  2. Just as a point of pointless order, Garrett is actually in the English Democrats Party (as promoted by Garry Bushell) rather than the English Democratic Party (who have an utterly fucking unreadable Timecube-type site ranting on about the Germans). And people say _Trots_ have a lot of factions.

    I’ve not really thought about the EDsP for a while, but skimming through their manifesto it seems they still maintain the same dubious policies amongst the centre-right waffle e.g. a distinction between “English” and “indigenous English”.

  3. thanks for the correction fridgy, have changed it

    goddamn english democratic party – splitters!

  4. You re a bit behind the times on this, there is a whole blogosphere commited to an English Parliament.

    what is fascist about an English parliament? there has been an English Constitutional Convention


    and Frank Field (hardly fascist)
    has made an Early Day motion 670
    for an English Parliament.

    On the 17.01.2007, the member for Birkenhead Frank Field NL
    put forward an early day motion with these words.
    “That this House notes that those polls that have questioned the
    English report a clear majority in favour of an English parliament;
    and further notes that it is this issue, and not Scottish
    independence or even House of Lords reform, that is the issue that
    voters now put at the top of their priorities for constitutional
    To this date 17 members from across the parties have signed the
    motion, Field, Frank
    Luff, Peter
    Taylor, David
    Hoyle, Lindsay
    Gray, James
    Rosindell, Andrew
    Wilshire, David
    Harvey, Nick
    Keetch, Paul
    Conway, Derek
    Hancock, Mike
    Wyatt, Derek
    Mackinlay, Andrew
    Pope, Greg
    Horam, John
    Murrison, Andrew
    Penning, Mike

    all fascists eh?


  5. As a member of the English Democrats Party and secretary to the Hampshire branch committee, I can see no resemblance in your tirade to the actuality of my Party’s aim, if it did I would resign immediately after submitting this post. I, and many people like me, are sick and tired of our elderly citizens having to sell their homes to provide social care in old age when it is free in Scotland, sick and tired of English students being saddled with a £20,000 debt on graduation when the Scots student doesn’t, sick and tired that from April Welsh NHS patients will receive prescriptions free of charge whilst English patients will face an increase to £6.60 per item, sick and tired of English NHS patients having to go to court to gain access to life saving anti-cancer drugs when they are freely available to Scots, Welsh and N. Irish patients.
    Fed up to the back teeth with Scots elected MPs voting on matters that affect only the English but have no democratic price to pay.
    Outraged by the fact that all three mainstream political parties advocate the Balkanisation of England into “regions” thereby satisfying the European Union Commission but in doing so wiping England and her culture off the face of the map.
    We lost our flag in the Union Jack,
    It’s my flag too and I want it back.
    As far as I can see the only void hereabouts is between your ears, although I wouldn’t go as far as anonymous and call you a Wanker, hang on, yes I will, you wanker.

  6. It is websites like this that are manna from heaven for the BNP. The English Democrats Party are hated by the BNP because they have earnestly been attempting to promote a unified English nationality not based on race, but on a common identity open to people who consider themselves English.
    The BNP deny an English identity to non-white people. The liberal-elite, including this santimonious self-righteous site, deny an English identity to anyone.
    The English Democrats Party openly says that its promotion of Englishness is not based on race.
    As long as sites like this one and elements of the media lump the English Democrats Party in with the BNP, the more people will turn to the latter, the party they’ve heard most about.
    Keep on undernining the rational English voice as you have done with this bitgoted anti-English drivel, and see the BNP do well as a consequence.
    The author of this predictable closed-minded propaganda is doing nothing more than feeding the BNP.
    Thanks for nothing.

  7. Are you actually saying on this blog that people of only one colour would demand democracy and self-determination in England and must therefore be racist pigs?

    How very ignorant of the void and what a shame you haven’t developed sufficiently enough to view the world without the colour codes clouding your eyes.

    You do realise that English is not a colour, don’t you? It seems you didn’t. Must be the British Imperialist in you.

  8. As arecent joiner of the EDP I can say that there are more Conservative leaning supporters with far right views than within the EDP at the meeting I attended toioday.

    Being English is a matter of residing in England, it isn’t a matter of proving a claim to the English throne in the time of KIng Harold or historic matters such as that, save where these anomolies actually get in the way of modern governance for England, Wales and Scotland and the prinicple of democratic subsidiarity that you on the left all harp on about

    Do you want the BNP in now to justify your own existence or do you want an honest democratic debate about whether the UK survives but more importantly whether the majority of this Islands population isn’t screwed over by Scottish and Welsh Labour MPs giving them second class status for their elderly and their children, and their students, led by an MP with a Scottish constituency.

  9. Well Mr Void, the title of your Blog appears to describe the area in your head where your brain should be.

    Next your be telling us that the “Campaign for an English Parliament” is also a fascist organisation.

    I guess you have looked the word “Fascist” up in a dictionary ?

    It means Anti-Parliamentarian, how can an organisation like the English Democrats with a main campaign aim of restoring democratic balance to England be Fascist.

    Oh yes, and the SNP, (Scottish National Party) allied to the English Democrats, I guess the theory of Looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck, must be a duck, works with the SNP too ? So the SNP sounds a bit like BNP and therefore they too are nazi’s ?

    In the same line of thought RESPECT is a communist party.

    What a complete load of Floating Turds your post on the English Democrats is, totally unresearched and a knee jerk reaction to the work English.

    Are you sick everytime you look at a Bank note and see the words “Bank of England”

    I too would like to call you a Wanker.

    Yes you trully are one

  10. i didnt accuse you of being fascists, go back and re-read the post – i accused you of being nazis

    the CEP does not link to neo-nazi sites, the EDP does as do some of the organisers of this lame attempt at a mayday march

    you do realise how foolish and misguided it is to attempt to march on mayday, you are aware of the potential for a huge public order situation that will be created by having hard right organisations like the freedom association marching on the same day as the anarchists and the tuc?

    you do realise that the cops will laugh in your face when you suggest the idea?

    you do realise that you may well be met with strong militant resistance?

    but go ahead folks, carry on peddling your ugly nationalist bullshit amd show the world how weak, small and pathetic you truly are – if you pull in over a hundred people id be amazed

    and ill enjoy watching you run like the cowards you are when the left turns up

  11. Dear Sir,

    I am write this in utter amazement of your post. You are calling anyone who demands fairness and parity with the rest of the UK a Nazi

    I am a Jew, one who’s family came from Poland and settled here in England. I am also one of the organisors of the Justice for England campaign, I am astounded that you call J4E Nazi’s or the Eng Dems as Nazi’s.

    Our campaign is for ALL the people of England regardless of coluor or creed or religion.

    If you live in England, you are just as much discriminated against as any of us. Please read what the campaign stands for before you make the comments that you’ve made.

    I will discuss our campaign with anyone and we are not staying quite on who is organising the march, it is 2 unhappy and discriminated people from England.

    And please don’t mistake us for the BNP, one of my goals in life is to ensure that groups such as them are destoryed and ensure that they don’t peddle their evil and racist comments, how anyone can discriminate against one colour or another is beyond me.

    Ed Abrams
    Justice for England.com

  12. “I am astounded that you call J4E Nazi’s or the Eng Dems as Nazi’s.”

    have you read through some of the sites that Eng Dem of we are the english link to?

    follow the links i’ve given and address them rather than just issue blanket denials, the facts speak for themselves, who do you think the ‘dark forces’ controlling the planet that woden’s folk refers to are supposed to be?

    reads like classic anti-semetism to me

    are you denying that the EDP has not condemned the EFP (and even condoned them), a party established by a known fascist?

  13. Mr. Devoid (of any sense) the difference between Nazism and fascism Being – what?

  14. fascism is a system of goverment which implies a strong hierarchical state which will use violence if necessary to control the populace

    nazism implies a racial superiority of one race over another, the implication that one race is somehow divine and more worthy of existance than another

    sites like wodens folk claim that the so called ‘white race’ is under attack by dark forces, which presumably means another, less cultured or advanced race

    exactly the same doctrine that hitler used to build the third reich

    facism is a political system of government, nazism is closer to a religion

  15. Awww, it’s another ‘radical’ political thinker who sits and nods like the churchill dog while some gormless overpayed left-wing politics lecturer spouts this crap for them to regurgitate on Internet blogs cause perish the thought you’d have to actually stand up and say any of this in front of anyone…

    You’re the future Voido! Keep denouncing culture, community and roots leave us in the much more capable hands of modern day politicians and multinationals!

  16. I can’t stop laughing, although it really shouldn’t be funny, I can’t help it. Sorry, but I just read void’s comment about anti-semetism. He doesn’t realise he is calling one of our Jewish members an anti-Semite? LOL
    You need to examine your inner prejudices void. What a corker!

  17. Sir

    There’s is NO way that the Eng Dems would sit down at a table with the likes of the EFP, it won’t happen.

    The Eng Dems are a coalition of political views, we have members from what was the Labour Party, the Tories, the Lib Dems, UKIP and some others, we aspire to have a party of national unity, one whereby we can all work together for the good of our country.

    Is that what you would call FAR RIGHT, I don’t think so.

    No JACK BOOTS in our camp mate. Some of us even wear open toe sandles.

    Get real and rather than spouting about stuff you clearly don’t understand, I suggest you educate yourself first and you’ll understand that the Eng Dems are not a racist group, we are a group who love ENGLAND ( whoops, shouldn’t have mentioned the E WORD, Void will think I’m Hitler’s Brother ) and believe that all other parties have sold the people of England out.

    As for you’re mate Fridgemagnet, I suggest you re-read our site and if there’s anything you are not clear about, ask, rather than slating us. We are an open party and have nothing to hide FROM ANYONE

  18. It is common for those who assert their English identity to be challenged in a way that would be considered insulting if directed elsewhere.
    Here we see a fine example of that.
    Would these same acusations ever be aimed at a Scottish nationalist Welsh nationalist, Irish nationalist, Indain nationalist, Pakistani nationalist, Polish nationalist or Romanian nationalist? I think not! What an over-reaction from a paranoid fool!

  19. Mr Void,

    A few points.

    Before you start shouting your mouth off and calling people nazis, fascists, posh fash etc maybe you should equate yourself with some knowledge.

    Firstly, I deny wholeheartedly that I am either a nazi or fascist. I have actually voted Labour (as has my entire family) since I was 18. I only stopped voting for them after over 30 years later (in 2001) because of the presidential style of Tony Blair – and the way the Labour party was clearly abandoning its core vote in England. Unlike Blair, I still hold socialist beliefs – and am a passionate believer in democracy. I hope that’s OK with you, Mr Void.

    I come from a long line of socialists – this quote in Bernard Crick’s biography of George Orwell “He wanted to meet George Garrett, a seaman turned docker who wrote short stories for the Adelphi magazine under the ludicrous synonym of ‘Matt Lowe’. Garrett took him down to the docks to see a gang waiting in hope of work. The company agent picked out 50 at random from 200 hungry and ragged men waiting. There had been fighting among them which brought the police in……. The Deiners drove Orwell and Garrett around for most of the day in their car to tour slums and to see slum clearance, which impressed Orwell (though he repeated in his diary what must have been Garrett’s line about the contractors doing well out of it), before driving him back to Wigan in the evening…… He also asked Garrett to look into the possibility of taking a passage back to London by sea from Liverpool in an ordinary cargo ship, so there might be a chapter on life at sea”…..

    George Garrett was my Grandfather, the chapter of the book that George Orwell was talking about was to be incorporated into ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’.

    In all, Orwell stayed at my Grandfather’s house for around 3 days whilst he did research on his famous work.

    My Grandfather was friends with many on the left, was a member of the International Workers of the World organisation and was trailed during WW2 by the Special Branch. He also organised the Liverpool area hunger march down to London and stood for Parliament as an independent socialist under the slogan ‘The man who cannot be bought’. My father continued the tradition – and brought up his kids in the same leftist manner, so I really do not need any lessons on what part of the political spectrum I reside on …. Is that OK with you Mr Void?

    That was then and this is now….

    My disillusionment arose when my father became ill soon after 2000. I became aware that the much publicised ‘postcode lottery’ with the NHS was In fact national discrimination. If you were old and infirm and living in England, then you would not qualify for expensive cancer drugs, you would in all probability have to sell your house to finance any residential care – unlike in Scotland. Their Executive gives more per head for drugs than people in England – and they also pay for free residential care in their country as well.

    After a lifetime of service, an impeccable war record of 6 full years (working on the Atlantic convoys in merchant and Royal Navy ship’s engine rooms). For working his guts out, my father died with the worry that some pompous jobsworth might try and claim the house if he went into care. The family also clubbed together to buy drugs for him that the English NHS would not pay for him…. And so a grateful nation said ‘sod off’ to an old serviceman… because he was English.

    At the same time my Son was at University, we bust a gut to get him through it – and at roughly the same time, Parliament voted through top up fees for English students. The Labour dominated Scottish Executive had obviously rejected introducing top up fees on their own students…..
    However, the Scottish MPs in Westminster voted in favour of top ups for English students, safe in the knowledge that it wouldn’t impinge on their own constituents.

    They can afford all this stuff and more thanks to the Barnett formula cash sent up the A1 by Gordon Brown…

    Thanks to top up fees my other 3 kids will not be going to Uni’ – priced out of it you see. But hey, I’ve just had a great idea, they could go up to Scotland – because they don’t have top up fees! And anyone from Europe can go to a Uni in Scotland and study for free….. All except the English. The Unis’ in Scotland are trying to put off the average English student by not only whacking them with the full tuition fee but also putting on an extra top up on top of the top up fee… I don’t know about you Mr Void, but it almost sounds like there is a sort of system of apartheid operating in the UK at the moment. How else do you explain that Scottish kids get an allocation of nearly £1 per school meal – and English kids get under 40 pence? How else do you explain drugs not available in England but available everywhere else in the UK? How else do you explain the forthcoming crop of Nuclear Power Stations that are going to be built exclusively in England – as well as us having all the waste from the old stations buried in this country also. (Both the Scottish and Welsh first ministers have both said that they will not permit any new nuclear stations to be built on their soil. They have also told their business leaders that they will expect to receive cheap nuclear energy from any new power stations that are built in England. McConnell has also stated that all the existing nuclear waste from their own old power stations is going to be transported south and buried in England.

    Please Note the issues I have highlighted have nothing to do with race – but everything to do with budgets, political expediency, and the non-equal treatment of the citizens of England within the UK.

    You clearly have not read the stated aims of the Justice for England site. You have also not seen the linked examples as reported in the media throughout the copy. Maybe you should before shooting your mouth off. The march is purely to try and publicise the raw deal that England is constitutionally and financially getting. Myself and my colleague, Mr Abrams want nothing more for England than what every other country in the UK has, as of right. Own parliament, equal funding on health, education, transport, equal rights on planning issues etc…

    Please Note the issues raised on the Justice for England site have nothing to do with race – but everything to do with budgets, political expediency and the non-equal treatment of the citizens of England within the UK.

    I am an ordinary man, who has taken to the internet as a way of commenting on our democracy. I hope that is OK with you, Mr Void. One of my blogs was included in Tim Worstall’s paperback 2005 blog round up. My political blog was included in the top 100 political blogs of 2006 by Iain Dale – and I really do not appreciate being labelled by anyone who doesn’t agree with me as some kind of posh fash or nazi.

    I’ve looked at your comments Mr Void, and am not happy. I intend to consult a solicitor at the earliest opportunity regarding them. I believe they are libellous. My solicitor will require your name, contact address etc. You shouldn’t be worried though – after all, according to you, you appear to be a bit of an expert on libel. And don’t worry about me divulging your details on the web – unlike your treatment of me, I will not be putting your name all over the blogosphere. You can email me your details in strictest confidence to mail@justiceforengland.com.

    Steve Garrett.

  20. Hahaha, you’ve attracted the attentions of the English Nat Internet Warriors Brigade! I know what this is like, they’re like the 9/11 cultists but fewer in number.

    The manifesto of the EDsP _is_ explictly racist, by the way. Check the sections that refer to the “indigenous English” having greater rights over control of culture, helpfully juxtaposed with the definition of “English” in the next section – note, not _indigenous_ English, how you get that status isn’t defined but we can be pretty sure it won’t include second-gen immigrants. And the EDsP is one of the least offensive of the lot.

  21. Fridge magnet, you sound like one of those intensely boring and self-righteous type of person who would defend the culture of some native tribe in the Amazon from outside influence, yet can’t see the inconsistency of rubbishing the native culture of the people here.

  22. Yeah, you do have to be quite a boring person to actually read the EDsP’s manifesto – luckily I am boring, and I’d already read it some time ago, and it’s not changed. It’s still explicitly discriminatory against people who aren’t “indigenous”.

    And, you know, good that it is, because otherwise we might get Them Immigrants coming over and banning Morris Dancing because they take over the government or something. It’s not raysist to say that!

    Incidentally, is it an indication of the internet competence of English Nat Fash that they can’t even work out how to add a bloody name to their comments?

  23. Yeah, you sound like one of those liberal lefties who despises his own country and culture (if he actually knows what that is). Has it not occurred to you most countries in the world put their indigenous culture first (indicated in the EDP manifesto)?
    In Saudi Arabia they don’t allow anyone to build churches. But hey, that’s okay, as they’re not nasty white English folks.

  24. yeah, I agree, let’s model our government on what Saudi Arabia has to put up with, they’ve got it right 😀

    you’re not very good at this are you 😀

  25. I’m not a member of the English Democrats but I feel that I must defend them from the outrageous claims that you have made in this post.

    The EDP are nothing like the EDP, and if you don’t believe me then take Nick Griffin’s word for it.

  26. What – you dare to insult the centre of Islamic faith?

    You nasty Islamo-fascist! I hope muslims aren’t reading this.

    Walked right into that one, pal!

  27. “The EDP are nothing like the EDP”

    ’nuff said, well done

    are any of you prepared to answer the points raised in the post?

    garrett, if you are so sincere then why do you link to far right websites?

    why are you chooosing to march on mayday, an obviously imflammatory and provocative act?

    you want my details, find ’em, and im ready for your lawyers, in fact i cant wait

  28. A typo, it was late.

    Enough not said. It’s not up to me to defend the EDP, but to compare them to the BNP is akin to comparing New Labour to the Communist Party.

    I agree with you about England First Party though – race-haters like that scare me as much as you far-left self-loathers.

  29. Surely May Day is a day for everybody. It has been traditionally celebrated in England long before it became a riot-fest for anarchists.

    Hopefully you can put your prejudices aside and recognise that May 1st is significant for the fact that it is the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union – and therefore a very appropriate day to demonstrate for people campaigning against constitutional asymmetry.

    I’d hate to see you make a fool of yourself and advocate the use of violence against people exercising their democratic right to peraceful protest because of some mistaken belief that they were trying to steal ‘your day’.

    It’s not your day, get a grip of yourself.

  30. May Day is not the preserve of one group of people that all think the same. If this is what you believe then it’s best May Day is scrapped in favour of St George’s Day.
    I was involved in the NO campaign for a regional assembly in North East England. Guess what? When the YES campaign knew they were losing
    the argument they used the racist and sexist cosh, oh and we still got a regional assembly that we have to pay for after 78% voted NO.
    I want an English Parliament,I want and end to the House of Lords,I want to be properly represented in Parliament, I want England’s Cross of St George to fly over Parliament.I want democracy.


  31. “So the racist fuckwits want to get legal on our asses, well we say go ahead. The poor old EDP seem unable to grasp the principle in British law that political parties cannot sue for libel as established by Goldsmith vs Bhoyrul and Others (1997)”

    I have been a mamber of the English Democrats Party since the last century! Are you accusing me of being a “racist fuckwit”? If you are, i’ll fuckin’ see you in court you trash talkin’ moron!

    Of course, you’ve proved what an idiot you are already. Did you type this?
    “Their obsessive English nationalism, promotion of weird esoteric views on race and culture as well as their dictatorial views on what it means to be English are far more akin to nazism than traditional economic fascism”

    Ha! ha!

    “The other supporters of this mayday march appear to be equally repugnant”

    Were you being libelous again? Oh dear! Ha! ha!

    “Whilst they try to hide their true colours under a mask of victimhood, unfortunately they don’t do it very well”

    You’re a pathetic commie pinko mate1 That’s all you are.
    Who is “they”? Don’t do what very well? Typical loony left wing. Make accusations and then dont back them up. Besides that, anyone can go onto the blog and make comments. I bet it was you who went on their and did your bogus bit. Then you come on here saying “see, I told you so”.
    Youre amateur you plank!

    Aint it annoying that you can’t make people obey you? That is why you’re ranting. You dont believe in democracy and people having freedom of speech unless you vet their speech first. You are a joke!

    Anyway, I thought people like you didnt like slander and stereotyping?

    “other supporters of this mayday march appear to be equally repugnant”


    “There is no mass inflow of asylum seekers into the UK”

    “Holocaust denial is par for the course with these misfits”


    “It does seem however that some of those organising this march have a slightly more extreme viewpoint then they first let on”


    “Whether those dark forces refer to jews, muslims or communists remains unclear”


    “as anarchists the question is do we bite?”


    “Do we allow this motley bunch of racists, nazis and crypto-fascists to pollute the streets of London on mayday … our day”


    “Chances are that the Met will step in long before we even get a chance to decide.”


    “For all their brave chat it seems doubtful that these little Englanders will be given permission to march and it’s further doubtful that they will have the balls to go ahead against police advice”




  32. well done, it’s been a while over at the void since the right showed themaselves up as the ranting, raving nutcases they are

    loved the shouting by the way .. nice touch

  33. Void, you’re seeing fascists under the bed when there aren’t any. Look at what you’ve said. Please read it again, just to see where you make no sense whatsoever…

    “…the English Democrats Party, an English nationalist party not far removed from the BNP (they’re not. Just because you say it is does not mean it is. You have no proof because there is none.)

    They wouldn’t agree, they are emphatic in their denials of racism (just like a devious bunch of racists eh Void…stirring up racist hatred by shouting “we’re not racists”), stating on their website:

    “The EDP takes a hard line on anyone suggesting the English Democrats are racist (see they’ve proved Void right, typical racists demanding equal rights for all) and will seek legal remedy for anyone slandering the party in this way.

    So the racist fuckwits want to get legal on our asses…in British law (there is no such thing as British law, we have Scottish or England and Wales, or N. Ireland and they’re never referred to as ‘British’ by anyone who knows what they’re talking about) that political parties cannot sue for libel as established by Goldsmith vs Bhoyrul and Others (1997)”

    Oh well, that’s that then.

    A precedent has been set where a political party cannot sue for libel…so, in Void’s mind… I’m beginning to see why your ‘friends’ call you “Void”, and this is the good bit… the EDP must be fascists because they can’t sue me if I say they are!

    Lovely. Are you racist Void? I think you are! Go on, answer the question, but remember a true racist always denies they are one!

  34. ok, I’ll ask again:

    Why do the EDP link to far right websites?

    Why do the EDP not reject absolutely the EFP rather than offering tacit support?

  35. Its pretty obvious to me that the ‘Void’ is a government establishment plant. Planted as a ‘faux’ left stooge to do the establishments bidding in trying to turn the left against a group of individuals who threaten the status quo by demanding an English Parliament.

    A group of individuals who are far more aware of social injustice in England than the ‘Void’ is – which puts the ‘Void’ a long way to the right of anybody who wants an English Parliament and equal rights for the people of England, no matter their ethnic background -equal rights with Scotland and Wales that is.

    Is the Void not aware that after devolution for Scotland, Wales and the rest of the Commonwealth and Empire the only remaining country OCCUPIED by the BRITISH Government is ENGLAND.

    Surely this should appall any body who is genuinely on the left.

  36. Void, listen, mate… you ask why the EDP link to far right web pages.

    I took a quick look at their web page and I couldn’t see any such links. However, I’ll take your word for it and, as I am not a member of EDP, I cannot guess why some such links may exist. Maybe they haven’t studied the links in as much detail as yourself…I don’t know.

    What I do know is that they have bent over backwards to deny they are part of the far right, or racist. Look at the following phrases from their site…
    “…is open to all races, religions and people… do not claim Englishness to be purely ethnic or purely cultural, but it is a complex mix of the two…Englishness is a state of mind…welcome to share our national identity…newcomers to this country are also welcome”.

    If this is a party off the fascist right, then all I can say is they are pretty crap at it.

    Come on Void, admit it, you’re toting at windmills!

  37. Far right links? What the hell are you talking about?

    Please tell me which links that are on the Justice for England site that you consider far right?

    Apart from a bit of radical embroidery in the shape of the seamstress, Lyn Shailer’s web site (I think she makes bed linen rather than nazi regalia), the dangerously subversive English Music Festival that promotes ‘English music’ (ooh, err missus – so that excludes Wagner), I can’t see much to moan about, even for you.

    Maybe you mean ‘We are the English’ – that site is mostly about merchandising English stuff like flags and T-shirts. They have links on many middle of the road sites. ‘The Campaign for an English Parliament’, a non-political, single-issue pressure group also links with them. It could be the ‘Cross of St George’ forum… hardly right wing. It’s a debating area for English issues for God’s sake. I don’t bother with it myself, I don’t like forums, as well as ordinary people letting off steam, you tend to get nutters from both left and right posting on them. The site per se is neutral. Again, this site is also on the Campaign for an English Parliament site as a link – so are you calling the Campaign for an English Parliament a far right cause as well?. Then there is the blue rinse ‘Freedom Association’ – another point of view, big deal.

    Finally there is the English Democrats – a political party consisting of members from across the political spectrum – from Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and Trade Union backgrounds. They are the only party in Britain whose core purpose is to get an English parliament for the people of England, thereby getting national democracy to people in England, just like they have in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – and what the hell is wrong with that?

    I think you need to have a good look at yourself mate. Another point of view does not equal far right, it equals healthy debate. You act like some appalling self-important jumped up little censor, against anyone who has the temerity to have another point of view. This ain’t no Inquisition – and you’re no Torquemada.

    And as regards to you keeping your personal details under wraps – it figures. Predictable or what?…. The sign of a big, big man cowering behind an alias. What a big, tough guy of a man you are. Gratuitously slagging off anyone you deem not to fit into the Voidasphere of political thought – but doing it behind a screen of anonymity. Very brave.

    What makes me laugh is, if we really did live in a socialist paradise, what would you be doing for a living? I would guess you wouldn’t be a part time writer or living off the state…. Nah, you’ll be working in the fields, digging up turnips….. unless of course you manage to blag your way into the Ministry of Propaganda.

    Instead of the rhetoric, do yourself a favour –and actually READ about the subject before you start blogging about it……. You might discover something called ‘objectivity’.

    English nationalism does not mean far right. It means the same as Scottish or Welsh nationalism. That is why the English Democrats have forged links with Plaid and the SNP.

    Maybe it’s the word ‘march’ that upsets your equilibrium? Maybe your big-man anarchic sensibilities might be tempered with a substitute word…. After all, ‘march’ sounds a bit aggressive – how about if we sub the word ‘stroll’ in its place?

    Hmmm, The Justice for England Stroll…… I like it! Or maybe you could just try growing up – you should try it, you might be taken a bit more seriously.

    Just to state again, in case there is any confusion – the march is for ordinary people in England to peacefully protest about England’s democratic and financial deficit when compared with the other 3 home countries. Families will be there – they can be from any hue or ethnic group they like – the only criteria is that they live in England and by doing so, automatically suffer both democratically and financially at the hands of the Blair government. The march is not open to all, people from the far right and far left will be excluded….

    Oh, and the reason it’s being held on May 1st is because it coincides with the 300th anniversary of the act of union between England and Scotland. I don’t think Karl Marx had actually written anything then on account of him not actually being born until 1818.

  38. I really had to comment on your mis-representation of the English Democrats. You are badly mis informed on several points and to suggest the party is close to the B8p, well is just simply the ranting of a fool. Can I suggest you take time to do some proper research.

  39. Mr Void

    As one of the two organisors of J4E March, I can honestly tell you that our march is open to every single person to whom lives in England regardless of creed, colour, class, status, religion, sexual practice and actually nationality.

    See what you fail to understand is that even YOU are delt a bad hand by this government just because you live in England.

    If you, god forbid even you caught a certain type of cancer, you would be refused life saving drugs because you live in England

    If you had kids, they would have LARGER GLASS SIZES in their schools just because they live in England

    If your parents or grandparents had to go into residential care, they would have to sell their homes to pay for it ONLY IN ENGLAND

    You as like all of us who live in England have to pay FULL PRICE for prescriptions and eye tests because we live in England.

    So you see Mr Void, is J4E really about jackboots and Nazi’s, I really don’t think so.

    And just to finish, I’ve already told you that I am a jewish immigrant and proud of that, my partner in J4E has links to the left that make Red Ken look like Maggie so do you honestly believe that we are some FAR RIGHT GROUP.

    Sorry, one last point, May day is a day when the working class make their voices heard, the working class people are the very people we are fighting for, for they have had the worst of this discrimination that Blair has forced upon us.

    So Mr Void, I hope that you’ll get your head out of your arse and understand that even YOU are in the same boat as people like me just because we live in England.


  40. “Please tell me which links that are on the Justice for England site that you consider far right?”

    try the reading the piece i’m commenting on, it makes it quite clear, try the anglo saxon society for a start

    “What makes me laugh is, if we really did live in a socialist paradise”

    i’m not a socialist, i’m an anarchist, perhaps you should do some research and find out what the terms mean.

    “Then there is the blue rinse ‘Freedom Association’”

    that would be the apartheid supporting freedom association who held blacklists of union organisers?

    and you guys claim to be pro-working class .. oh dear

    “And as regards to you keeping your personal details under wraps – it figures.”

    if you’ve got a case, which you haven’t, your solicitors should have no problem tracing my details through my ip address … can i have your address? .. why not .. coward.

    “The march is not open to all, people from the far right and far left will be excluded…. “

    how will they be excluded exactly?

    btw, the freedom association are far right

  41. void. You need to stop making such knee-jerk reactions to the word England. There is revolt taking place in England that you are unaware of. You need to be aware of it. Please be patient and let me explain…

    Many of us in england feel that this BRITISH govenrment is treating us with utter contempt by denying The English democracy, equality, resources and identity.

    Devolution has led to an imbalace in the constitution whereby there is no national representative body for England. This is not so in Scotland and Wales where there exists national assemblies (in one form or the other) that decides matters such as education and transport. Therefore, all mps from the British parliament can and do vote on English only legislation, including mps from Scotland and Wales even though it doesn’t affect their constituents. No English mp can vote on matters exclusively reserved for the Welsh and Scottish assemblies. This is not democracy. Unlike the people of Scotland and Wales, the English cannot hold to account the all the people who are deciding their legislation. This is known as the WEST LOHIAN QUESTION.

    Furthermore, the english are denied funding through the BARNETT FORMULA. This funding formula allocates the amount of money for all the home nations, and in short, gives a bias to all nations over england. Hence Scotland can afford to provide cancer drugs, free university education, residential care for the elderly, whereas the england cannot. It is utterly unfair. If you live in england, void, for christ sake dont get ill!

    Now in order to justfy such anti-democratic practice, this goverment peddle the concept of Britishness to the English. It gives a sheen of legitimacy to them. However, when they talk to scotland or wales, they champion the identity of these home nations, Hence the slogans at the last general election for this government were “Proud of Scotland” in scotland “Proud of Wales” in Wales, and “proud of Britain” in england. ?? And Gordon Browns recent delaration of britishness and the teaching of it will only apply to england. All this just to confer a dubious sense of legitimacy to disciminatory practices.

    So Void, when you look at us, holding the George Cross aloft, we do so for the poor, the sick and the disadvantage of England, REAGARDLESS OF RACE, RELIGION, SEXUALITY OR GENDER For us it represents democracy, self-determination, fairness and hope. So if you attack us, as you seem to be implying, these are the very things you are attacking. On your head and concience be it!

    When you see us on may the first, be sure to know that you will be witnessing history. The Union is finished.

  42. It’s a bit of a pointless debate with people like the Void. Basically he makes a judgement right from the start, and no matter how much contradictory evidence you provide, his mind’s made up, and that’s it.
    It’s about as futile as an atheist trying to persuade a religious person not to believe in God.

  43. “When you see us on may the first, be sure to know that you will be witnessing history. “


  44. Void
    -“When you see us on may the first, be sure to know that you will be witnessing history. “

    When was the last time you saw the english march agianst the Union?

  45. Void is right ‘cos there aint nuffin’ between yer ears you government EU STOOGE marxist scum wannabe.

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