More War … Less Jaw!

We’re lovin’ watching the mainstream left and witless right battling it out in their blogs, bless ’em.

Guido and his mates claim to want to get rid of the state. Chicken Yoghurt and Bloggerheads merely want to be the state. the void wants them to all fuck off back to public school until they grow up a bit.

Tim ‘manic, wildly unpredictable, inconsistent and not at all dangerous’ Ireland, as ever, is leading the charge. Poor old Tim thinks that democracy is being dangerously undermined because Iain Dale doesn’t force people to register before they make a comment.

Tim ‘manic – famous for 15 minutes for helping Tesco’s to further build their corporate dictarorship’ Ireland also thinks the sky is falling down, but that’s another story.

That bastard Dale is bleating ‘why can’t we all just be nice to each other’, the latest tory wheeze from Cameron’s spin team.

Meanwhile posts are disappearing from guido’s blog faster than peerage in the labour party fundraising office and in a new development threats of legal action have emerged.

Typical of the libertarian right to call on the machinery of the state in their imagined hour of need. What happened to the gun powder?

We say more war, more bloodshed, tear each other apart until the sham of democracy falls and your shabby heros are hanging from the lampposts of council estates across the land. We wanna see Cameron’s head on a spike, and Brown’s bloated corpse floating in the Thames.

Like coppers, all politicians are bastards as are those who give them creedence. If this blog war damages the general election then fuck yeah, it’s a start.

Problem is it won’t. The wannabe leaders will blunder on whilst the merciless state further sucks the life out of the all too willing populace. In the meantime following Ireland’s increasingly wobbly mental health deteriation whilst listening to the sound of tories wriggling passes a moment or two pleasantly enough.

Keep it up and we’ll be over to pick up the pieces when the lifeless bodies are strewn across the battlefield.

Have a nice day!


5 responses to “More War … Less Jaw!

  1. You would have thought will all the shit going on in this country that there are enough issues of shared concern that bloggers could agree on and rally around.

    Alternatively, everyone could get stuck into a good old fashioned bout of pointless Left vs Right tribalism with lashings of ‘I said. He Said’ squabbling

    What a waste of fucking time

  2. i say enjoy it

    whilst they’re bickering amongst themselves at least they aren’t talking politics anymore

  3. Oh I am

    but it is a guilty pleasure

  4. re X-Vortex

    Hey Man

    I’ve had alot a sympathy for you guys but I am afraid that sympathy and our good will is being stretched to breaking point with your little “raves” at the X-Vortex.

    Work it out guys: you have residential neighbours. I ‘d like to get some sleep before 4 am.

    I understand you are planning another little gathering tonight.

    I hate to spoil you little plans you inconsiderate fucks, but I’ve let the old bill in on the secret.

    So now that I’ve asked you nicely, perhaps you will see fit to put a lid on it.

  5. “I hate to spoil you little plans you inconsiderate fucks, but I’ve let the old bill in on the secret.

    So now that I’ve asked you nicely,”

    is that asking nicely?

    i can’t speak for the vortex, but i would suggest that you speak to somebody at the vortex if you are concerned

    a more reasonable initial reaction perhaps than speaking to the police

    the vortex was always a late opening live music venue, as are many on church street, if local residents have grievances then speaking to the people occupying the building seems the logical first step

    youll find people there to be more than accomodating and reasonable

    the event tonight is a cinema night, it wont finish late

    it’s being held to provide information and advice about a grass roots haringey campaign organised around the problems local people have with debt

    it’s no secret when and what events are being held, go to to find the latest timetable of events.

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