John Bird for London Mayor … not bleedin’ likely mate

We smiled when we read that Big Issue tycoon and former(?) villain John Bird is planning to stand as London mayor next year. According to the Evening sub-Standard old Birdy is quite likely to stand as a tory candidate. Yup, the sell out socialist is finally set to reveal his true colours as an enemy of the working class.

So he should give scab Ken a run for his money.

It’s good news though here at void.

Have we got gossip, filing cabinets full of it mate, we also have information, criticisms that can’t be ignored, and best of all … dirt.

We’re not the only ones either, and here’s betting we’re not the only ones digging. So bring it on yer true blue twats, we’re ready for ya!

Ken, don’t see this as an endorsement, your time will come.


6 responses to “John Bird for London Mayor … not bleedin’ likely mate

  1. you talk absolute tosh.

    i am not going to even waste my breath…

    “red ken for mayor” please…

  2. tosh eh

    and piffle as well?

    we know your type round here

  3. Tory Birdy? Well, well, well. I do hope so – nice when your hazy memories of Leeds in the 1990s are useful for *something*.

    Moving to LA on the firm’s time..young lady on the payroll..”The Bag Issue”..a sniff or two…hardehardehar..

  4. it’s starting already …

    heh heh

  5. run for mayor?

    should run the marathon instead

    fat bloater

  6. I bet you are a fat bloater aswell!!

    John Bird for Mayor!

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