Eviction Resisted!

Up to a hundred local people turned out to stop the illegal eviction attempt of the newly occupied Vortex Social Centre at 9am yesterday.

Building owner Richard Midda and his hired goons were met by a stirring local resistance, with Church Street thronged with folk handing out leaflets and offering support. The local plod attended and even they were less than impressed with Midda’s actions and he was sent home and told to come back when the legality of the eviction could be established. Seems that even property developers have to follow the law (sometimes at least).

The Vortex will be open as usual tonight (Saturday 27th) with live jazz and a donation only cafe.

Watch the video:

quicktime – video/mp4 6.5M
flip4mac/wmv – video/x-ms-wmv 7.1M


2 responses to “Eviction Resisted!

  1. Nicely done. As an Amercan bloke, watching the happenings in England is fascinating. Sounds simple minded, but I can listen to an accent like that all day.
    Now, about the more important topic; did they evict the Vortex place? Was a StarBucks going in there? Would be pitiful if that happened. Taking away a social/musical establishment for a chain retailer just isn’t good.
    BTW, Flip4Mac played back the video fine, but the QT playback file didn’t work. Just gobble’de’gook on the page…never any video with that link. One other thing; there was a noticable A/V sync problem with the WMV playback…wonder if that can be adjusted. I’d contact Craig at the Flip4Mac support forum and ask for advise.

  2. the battle is still live, the court have issued the owner (midda) with a possession order, but the building is still occupied

    as to the techy stuff, dont shoot the messenger, i just copied the links from uk indymedia

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