The Spooks Are After Me!

Just received in our inbox from the Guardian Jobs Alert service:

“Administrative Assistant

In many ways a career at Mi5 is the same as at any other large
organisation. But the big difference is the importance of the information
you’ll handle and, naturally, the need for discretion. Salary starts at
£16,250 with excellent benefits. Visit to find out more.”

16 grand, the tight-asses, sounds like a union might not be a bad idea. Please do NOT start sending in fake applications just to waste their time. Tony B. Liar and Laura Norder (of 999 Letsbe Avenue) are not real people and the poor chaps at MI5 are very busy fitting up muslims and assasinating scientists.


One response to “The Spooks Are After Me!

  1. And making anarchists disappear on rambling holidays.

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