‘Justice for the 96’

Liverpool supporters staged an impressive and passionate protest yesterday in their third round FA Cup tie against Arsenal. Holding aloft red and white letters reading ‘The Truth’ the fans also chanted ‘Justice for the 96’ continually for the first 6 minutes of the game.

Ending in a wall of noise around the stadium with even the Arsenal fans joining in, the protest was aimed at former The Scum editor Kelvin Mckensie who recently re-iterated the lies the paper told about the Hillsborough disaster.

Hillsborough Justice Campaign


2 responses to “‘Justice for the 96’

  1. yes -justice 4 the 96
    im a gooner and i know about the 96
    when thomas scored last minute 89
    n 2 scouse kids comefrom the kop 2 us wiv the baner – 4 the 95 who died this ones for you– and sung champions- to us =then we sung walk on together wiv all the the scousers together-that was ream- and last saturday we beat u in the fa cup-but i know what u was singing-justice for the 96-i know

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