David Icke Outed as Brew Crew!

We were unlucky enough to catch ‘David Icke – Was He Right?’ on Boxing Day, to which a the answer is clear … no he wasn’t.

Coming on like a slightly sleazy, overweight buffoon, poor old Icke failed to realise the joke was well and truly on him. He’s currently plugging the film desperately on his bonkers website and if you must you can watch it here. The fact he views the film as a success shows exactly the level of Icke’s grasp of ‘the truth’.

One truth that didn’t escape us here though was a shot towards the end of the documentary (sic). If we can ever be bothered we’ll grab a screen shot, but for now take our word for it that Icke was seen clearly drinking a can of Tenants super lager, the new meths, for all the world to see.

They ain’t lizards yer seeing David, it’s called delirium tremors and it’s a treatable condition … just lay off the sauce.

We tried to contact David for a comment but all he did was ask us for 50p and then try and sell us a used travelcard.

This post was sponsored by the Rothschild Global Banking Cabal


2 responses to “David Icke Outed as Brew Crew!

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  2. kieth thompson

    Oh myGod!! He was drinking alcohol?!! That’s it , now everything he says must be rubbish.

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