ID Cards .. the first nail?

ID cards have been dealt a serious and possibly fatal blow after the more insiduous aspect of the scheme, the national database, appeared to have been dropped today.

Gibbering John Reid, who reportably is unable to send text messages because of the fiddly buttons, is said to have made this decision after having a hissy fit due to being unable to operate his iPod.

Declaring all technology as ‘new-fangled’ and ‘the work of the devil’, Reid had plans for a massive twelve story warehouse, two miles square, to house everyone’s details on paper. Due to be staffed by little old ladies climbing rickety 30 foot ladders and shot only in black and white, this scheme was scrapped after Home Office officials branded it ‘fucking stupid’ and pointed out that the Pentagon already run such an installation.

With the sinister spectre of a government database holding personal information about the entire population seemingly (and rightly) gone down the swanny some are questioning the whole ID card project.

Is the government really likely to spend billions of tax payers money pursuing a strategy which will have no discernable benefit and only serve to piss people off … google Trident for your answer …


One response to “ID Cards .. the first nail?

  1. I’m afraid the ID cards horror marches on, and will continue to do so as long as a clueless population buys the government bs.

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