a year in the void (part 2)

God, we can hardly be bothered, but I guess we started so we ought to finish. To bring you up to date, this is our end of year round up of the top stories in the void, written largely because we’re too lazy to resort to proper blogging.

A lot’s been happening as well, respect to the Fairford Coach Campaigners by the way, well done and we’d have covered it if we could have been arsed. Meanwhile tensions in Oaxaca continue to mount and there’s some demo thingy in Parliament Square happening soon.

So, back to last year, well in July the Prescott/Winterton affair was raging after several bloggers risked the wrath of the libel courts to finally establish the name of Prescott’s second mistress. The libel lawyers never came knocking, but we were name checked by the beeb by one Paul Mason. Mason was very upset that bloggers didn’t follow his strict practice of journalistic integrity and was then shocked to realise that neither did he!!!

We also offered the tories some generous suggestions on their so far fruitless search for a London mayoral candidate. Professor Nutt was fun as well.

In a journalistic coup, we bravely managed to publish the now near legendary ‘Man Mugged for Half Eaten Sandwich’, which was promptly plagarised by the Evening sub-Standard.

August was a wash out, we developed a strange and debilitating ennui and life, children and alcohol took over.

In September things picked up nicely, with insider info from Israel, poor old David Shaylor finally cracking under the strain and a pop at auld enemy, the Stop the War Coalition (SWP).

We were also responsible for revealing ‘the real RED manifesto’. And we showed the latest Met police recruitment tactics.

Good month September.

In October, well Tarquin’s revelations about the Wetherspoons sound system at last year anarchist bookfair drew some heat, we got graphical on your ass and we warned yet again about the dangers of id cards (read it, it’s got a good gag at the end).

Already feeling guilty for our lack of recent coverage of Oaxaca, this was also the month that indymedia journo Brad Will was shot and state repression began to bite hard. We also, bizarrely, stuck up for Jonathan Ross.

As for November, well then came the much lauded new template. It does feel better not to cringe with embarrassment every time we look at the blog.

We were able to leak yet another Bush/Blair conversation, and launched the occasional series ‘this is what democracy looks like’ which will continue to expose state brutality throughout the world.

November also so uprisings in Harmondsworth Detention Centre, which ended with the frankly hilarious revalation that the walls in the complex were made of straw.

We wonder how many more prisons have been built that way.

And that brings us into December, which saw the questioning of Blair by the Met (we’ve got a great piece, we’ll get round to it okay), anarchy at the beeb and a round up of the first six months in the void .. and we wrote a poem.

So there it is, the first year in the void and we’ve survived. Big plans for next year include the possibility of a domain change, further contributors and an all out assault on the tyrant secretly controlling the internet.

google it …


3 responses to “a year in the void (part 2)

  1. Congratulations on your first year. You have a good blog and I read it all the time. Looking forward to your next year, yours anarchistically, Larry

  2. Good will see you down Parliament Square then I assume with yer carolling action

    Why are you writing in the 3rd person? There’s just one Void, isn’t there?

  3. thanks larry

    i check out

    now and then too

    rachel, you dont need a plug, but

    “Why are you writing in the 3rd person? There’s just one Void, isn’t there?”

    We are all johnny void

    so there

    (ps, might be there tomorrow, have given it a plug now tho’, which helps with the guilt if i dont make it)

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