We Make the Top 20

Well pop-pickers , the daily maybe have been promising their list of the top hundred green bloggers and we’re marginally proud to have made the top 20. Having been shamefully ignored previously by that bastard Dale on his list of top political bloggers we hope that this will redress the balance amongst all right thinking people with their critical faculties in tact.

Beating comment is free’s Tony Juniper amongst others the void comes in at number 16, not quite top ten, but better than you’d hope, given that green as we are, it’s never been our main focus .. subversion, sedition, lies, treason and abuse are more our style.

To celebrate we’ll be flying over to Paris for a plate of fois gras, washed down with a few Kronenbergs. Might even leave the heating on …

Were were beaten by Peter Tatchell amongst others, along with Caroline Lucas (hmm) and George Monbiot (grr). But then it’s not the winning it’s the cheatin’ that counts, and since we didn’t even know we were in the running we never even tried to cheat … still there’s always next year.

To any new greenies here for the first time, here’s an example of some of the stunning work by environmental champion johnny void.

What’s Wrong With the Green Party

The full Top 100 can be found here


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