Just Nick It!

This Saturday (25th Nov) is Buy Nothing Day. Conceived by US based adbusters their worthy website breathlessly informs us that:

“As consumers, we should question the products we buy and the companies who produce them. The idea is to make people stop and think about what and how much they buy effects the environment and developing countries.”

They also warn us not to flypost for the event and make it very clear that:

“Your action shouldn’t hinder people going about their daily business.”

So that rules out the stinkbombs in Tescos and the Oxford Street black bloc … lucky we have such caring, yoghurt-weaving souls to dictate our resistance.

Given that the 3 year old might object to not being bought dinner on Saturday we much prefer Steal Something Day, an idea conceived by Canadian anarchos way back in the 90’s (back when we were still ‘avin it),

Commenting on their adbusters nemesis the criminals warn us

“The geniuses at Adbusters have managed to create the perfect feel-good, liberal, middle-class activist non-happening. A day when the more money you make, the more influence you have (like every other day). A day which, by definition, is insulting to the millions of people worldwide who are too poor or marginalized to be considered ‘consumers’.”

Meanwhile those art-school anarchists at spacehijackers may be planning some shenanigans on the day according the this week’s Metro who devoted a page to the Buy Nothing actions.

When Associated Newspapers are promoting your activism, then let’s face it, you must be doing something badly wrong.


One response to “Just Nick It!

  1. Hello fellow Green Blogger,

    Over at http://www.environmentdebate.blogspot.com we have a poll running that we would like you to take part in if you wish.

    The question runs; ‘What do you think is the best way to tackle climate change?

    Hope you have time to give your views on this very important issue.


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