Gibbering John Reid Dribbles

John Reid enjoys a recent day out, while his family enjoy a day off.

Home Office officials are reporting concerns that home secretary John Reid’s alzheimer’s is getting worse by the day after he gave the following stunner of a quote to the Evening sub-Standard. Commenting on the lastest bid to bang people up without trial for three months he was reported as saying:

“I find the case (for 90 days detention) compelling, but the argument would benefit from an evidential base.”

We giggled here at the void, he then goes on to say that whilst the failure rate of ASBO’s is 50%, at least this is 50% of people being kept out of the prison system. Further confirming suspicians that Reid doesn’t really understand some of the legislation he introduces he fails to realise that folk given ASBO’s have generally not committed a criminal offence, merely upset their neighbours in some way.

Poor old Reid thinks he’s the ‘hard man’ who tells it like it is and is still having delusions of becoming prime minister. Doctors are reported to have upped his medication.


2 responses to “Gibbering John Reid Dribbles

  1. John Reid PM… the very thought almost makes me favour Gordon Brown… almost

  2. I reckon that pictures a photoshop job

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