Bring Back National Service

Signs that Cameron is beginning to reeal his true colours became apparant yesterday as he appeared to support the re-introduction of national service. Concerned that young people are not developing the traditional tory values of greed, bigotry, selfishness and intolerence, Cameron was heckled in Brixton as he launched the new charity The Young Adult Trust.

So down with the kids they don’t even have a website yet, this new scheme appears to be a rehash of the Duke of Edinburgh awards with a voluntary, non-military programme to teach young people to become ‘responsible citizens’. Concerned that the youths of today drop litter, are rude and may get involved with drugs at university, Cameron even appears to be suggesting that young people might have to complete this pointless, expensive exercise in order to gain the rights that come with adulthood.

This may include the right to vote, in Cameron’s Brave New World only those deemed ‘responsible’ (tory) will be allowed to take part in the so called democratic process. As more than one cynic has pointed out, many of us have votes we’ve never used and would be more than happy to pass them over to the young folk, providing they can demonstrate an aptitude for anti-social behaviour …

and as long as they promise not to vote tory of course.

Meanwhile feminists are set to demonstrate tonight (31st Oct) at the tory conference entitled “Shoes, shopping and politics” making the statement:

“More Tory MPs is not women’s liberation!”

We couldn’t agree more, meet at 5.45pm at Covent Garden Tube station, more details here.


2 responses to “Bring Back National Service

  1. What’s so bad about getting more young people onto schemes equivalent to the Duke of Edinburgh awards?

    Surely an anarchist like yourself would be keen to promote the teaching of teamwork and co-operation, rather than the current consumer society values of selfishness and egotism.

    If you want to diminish the control of individuals by external authority, then the only alternative to that is to teach self-discipline and self-motivation. Yet that is what such courses as the DoE awards and the admittedly naffly-named ‘Motiv8’ programs try to do.

    Come on, you should get involved.

    Dib dib!

  2. dob fucking dob

    it’s a paedophiles charter I tell you

    (see, I’d make a great tory)

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