There’s no such thing as a free country …

News reaches the void of a new scheme being proposed which involving being compelled to give a fingerprint before being allowed to order a pint of beer.

Hot on the heels of Blair announcing that he wants everyone’s DNA, this new piece of unsettling authoritarisism will allow landlords to refuse to serve anyone who has been in trouble with the old bill for drink related crime … or something.

Already being trialed in that most sorry of hellholes, Yeovil, (it’s personal, don’t ask) goons at the home office are now hoping to extend the scheme to other areas. Whilst the scheme appears to have had some effect on drink related crime in Yeovil, Julia Bradburn, principal licensing manager at South Somerset District Council, appears to suggest that domestic violence cases have risen.

Meanwhile an estimated 3/4 million children have had their fingerprints taken in schools, often without parental consent or knowledge, simply for the chance to be able to borrow a library book!

The good news is the proles are fighting back (almost). Two fronts are currently opening up against ID cards. Hand-wringing liberals might want to check out No2ID whilst baby eating anarchists are catered for by Defy ID.

Defy ID are holding a national gathering in Nottingham on 25th November. They are keen to point out that:

“This is not so much a public meeting to discuss the overall implications of the ID scheme, as a day to plan how we are going to stop it.”

So get yer research and yer chatting done now and then head to the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham for 11am on the 25th. More details are available here.

and remember folks …

first they came for the communists
(and the anarchists laughed)

then they came for the trade unionists
(and the anarchists were concerned, but it wasn’t worth leaving the pub for)

and then they came for the anarchists
(and with the trots safely out of the way we were finally able to beat the bastards!!!)


2 responses to “There’s no such thing as a free country …

  1. Great blogs link alike. Found the fingerprints at pubs piece via Alex Jones yesterday and blogged it but it hasn’t exactly stormed into the mainstream media.

  2. Truly monstrous. What the hell is going on over there? By the way, loved your anarchist paraphrase of Martin Neimuller’s famous statement. (It is true, from time to time we anarchists can be a snotty bunch visa vis other tendencies…)

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